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ConfigMgr 2012 RTM/SP1 : Applications failed to install during OSD with error code 16389 and “Denied Logon for Domain Users” Policy

2:17 pm in Uncategorized by Kenny Buntinx [MVP]


Hi Guys ,

Just something I wanted to share with you guys around failed application installs during OSD and High secure environments. At that specific customer all my apps failed one by one (not my packages) during OSD with error 16389.

At first guess , you would say that your detection methods where not ok , but it worked before when they where targeted in the full OS . So , why would they fail now ?

The failure is very clearly visible in the status messages :


The issue was also occurring on a specific HW model  , a HP 8530P … Strange.

Knowing this is a highly secured environment , my first guess would be policies. However I overruled this thinking strategy because normally during the OSD process , GPO’s aren’t applied …

However , guess again .. It was indeed a policy , but defined on another level . They deny by GPO that if a computer is not sitting in a specific AD security group , a  “Domain user” is denied from logging on to any resource. 




Solution : My advise here was to block the inheritance on a specific staging OU . So if you have failing apps , think about the network access account not having the proper rights.

Hope it Helps ,

Kenny Buntinx

System Center Configuration Manager MVP

Preparing for the MVP summit 2013

10:20 am in MVP by Kenny Buntinx [MVP]


Hi All,

Just getting myself ready for the MVP summit in Seattle next week, as our other SCUG MVP’s (Kim Oppalfens , Kurt Vanhoecke , Mike Resseler , Alexandre Verkinderen & Christophe Keyaert ) .

For me it is going to be an exciting event for me , as it is my fourth MVP summit I’ll be attending since my nomination in July 2009.

For those of you that don’t know what the MVP summit is, It is a week full of working, talking and discussing together with our MVP pears , but also with the (In my case) ConfigMgr product group. Especially seeing all the other MVP’s back is a real pleasure !

We will be fully busy with ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 and future releases at the Enterprise Engineering Center at Building 25 .


I’m really looking forward to meet with members of the Microsoft product group and directly learn from those people who are responsible for the individual product features. I see this as a real honor.

So if the blogging level is a bit low on next week , you will know why this is (everything is NDA ) ….

Hope it Helps ,

Kenny Buntinx