How to Install Windows 7 Language packs online during OSD Task Sequence (or in your Hybrid base image)

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Windows 7 language pack setup, lpksetup, includes parameters to support a managed installation.  I successfully tested the following from the command prompt:

lpksetup.exe /i nl-NL /p . /r /s

I created and advertised a program with this command line, but it quickly failed on a windows7 x64. 


The test system returned an error status message, ID 10003: “An error occurred while preparing to run the program for advertisement….  The operating system reported error 2147942402: The system cannot find the file specified.”

Execmgr.log contained the following:

File C:\Windows\SysWOW64\CCM\Cache\…\lpksetup.exe is not a valid executable file
Invalid executable file lpksetup.exe

It turns out that lpksetup.exe on Windows 7 64-bit is a 64-bit-only process so with WOW file redirection in a 32-bit process C:\Windows\System32 redirects to C:\Windows\SysWOW64, which does not contain lpksetup.exe.  So I altered the ConfigMgr program command line to:

%WinDir%\SysNative\lpksetup.exe /i nl-NL /p . /r /s


Using the SysNative alias allowed the language pack to be successfully installed on Windows 7 64-bit from a ConfigMgr advertised program or Task Sequence.

The Language Packs are installed successfully as i can choose the installed languages after the installation.

I have got this valuable information from Aaron Czechhowski at

Hope it Helps ,

Kenny Buntinx

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