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New IBM Hardware mgmt pack available for SCOM 2012

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The IBM Hardware Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, v3.2 allows customers to use the enhanced features of Microsoft System Center Operations Manager to manage the health state of IBM System x Servers, Blades and BladeCenter Chassis.
  Key features include:

  • Support Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012
  • Extensive monitoring of the health of hardware components for IBM System x servers and BladeCenter x86/x64 blades running Windows
  • Rich monitoring of the health of BladeCenter chassis and BladeCenter modules via the SNMP protocol
  • Comprehensive monitoring of the health of software stacks for managing IBM hardware
  • Easy determination of overall system health by the aggregation of hardware health monitors
  • The following additional features are part of the IBM Upward Integration for Microsoft System Center. Activation licenses can be purchased by contacting your IBM representative or an IBM Business Partner.
  • Power Monitoring of UEFI/IMM System X Servers and Blades running Windows 2008 & R2. Offers the ability to monitor overall system power usage, and generates alerts when power consumption rises above predefined consumption thresholds
  • BladeCenter and Blade hardware health correlation and event propagation providing BladeCenter specific hardware health condition monitoring under the Windows health explorer view.
  • Remote power on and off of Blades Servers via the Operations Manager console.
  • Hardware Management Software Configuration Advisor for IBM Systems detects the presence of IBM Hardware MP software dependencies in order to make appropriate configuration recommendations.
  • Set custom power consumption thresholds for Power Monitoring alerts via Operations Manager Agent task
  • Enable Power Capping and set the maximum power consumption wattage via Operation Manage Agent task

You can find the sources here :

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Configmgr 2012 : The following objects are not available and will not be edited .

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Today at my customer , I had a console crash after I edited a tasksequence . I thought that it wasn’t an issue and restarted the Configmgr Console.

I went back to check if my altered settings where saved in my console and when I tried to edit the previous opened task sequence . Suddenly I got the following message :


Whatever I tried , rebooted the machine or closed all other consoles , I kept seeing this message .

To get out of the situation , I opened up SQL management studio and looked at the CM_xxx tables .

Suddenly I dropped my eye on a table called : “ Dbo_SEDO_Lockstate “ . I opened up the first 200 rows and BINGO !


I saw that one object was locked , and I knew it was mine as all consoles where closed . I edited that specific row with values “NULL”  as the other ones and regained access to it .

BE CAREFULL : “ This is an unsupported way of altering data in the Database . Take a backup and make sure that you know what you are doing ! “

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