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Application Dependencies and the importance of having correct detection methods in your deployment types for ConfigMgr 2012

7:15 pm in Uncategorized by Kenny Buntinx [MVP]

A brand new feature in CM’s 2012 application model is the ability to set dependencies on applications. This is something that I have been waiting for to replace task sequences in CM07. Of course every “application” must have a deployment type and in that deployment type you will then need to specify a valid detection method .

If your detection method in one of the chaining dependencies is wrong , the whole “application” with dependent applications will fail .

Troubleshooting could be hard , but here is how to easy logic behind it :

– The policy will reach the client and the client will launch the application thru the Application catalog.

– The application will check which deployment type is valid and then it will check thru your defined detection method (s) if the “application” is installed on the machine. A detection method could be MSI product code , Registry , File or custom script . In my case a registry key as shown in the picture below :


It will check if the above registry key is in place , based on the above detection method. You could find that back in the “Appenforce.log” or “Appdiscovery.log”


– If the “application” isn’t installed on the machine , it will start installation of the “application” . You could find that back in the “Appenforce.log” or “Appdiscovery.log”

You will see in this example below that the success code = 0


– After the “application” is successfully installed thru the selected deployment type , it will check again thru your defined detection method (s) if the “application” is installed on the machine. IF your defined detection method (s) fail , the “application” will fail as well !

In the case where I made a mistake :


In the case I corrected my mistake :


– your Application deployment (re-)evaluation cycle will kick off every seven days by default and will launch your detection methods again to see if the application is still installed (dummy user protection Smile ) . This means if you change your detection methods in the meanwhile on your existing application , it will validate the new detection mechanism rules !


My advise : Test – Test –Test or use simulated deployment to rule out basic mistakes .

Hope it Helps ,

Kenny Buntinx

ISSUE: ConfigMgr 2012 Secondary sites or Remote DP’s failing to serve as PXE service Point !

8:46 am in Uncategorized by Kenny Buntinx [MVP]

Hey all,

This week I spend a whole week troubleshooting at a customer site why my CM12 secondary sites or remote sender capable DP’s would not have any clients that would be able to PXE boot and we didn’t see any issues in the monitoring pane or SMSPXE.log. On my secondary sites I have a Management Point Installed .

Looking a little deeper in the MPcontrol log file on the secondary site sever , it fails with the following comments in the logs:


… Further down in the log file :


In the eventlog you will find a lot of shannel errors too…


My SQL Database server is a two-node SQL Cluster, with SC-SCCM-CLUSTER as the name. In addition to the primary site DB, SC-SCCM-CLUSTER also hosts the WSUS database (WSUS is set up on the primary site server as it will have a SUP). The SQL cluster is Windows 2008 R2 SP1, and the SQL Cluster is a 2-node SQL Cluster 2008 R2 SP1 with CU4.

Things I’ve tried so far to solve my issue :

– Ensuring the SPN for the service account the SQL cluster is running on is correct.

– Look that my custom ports where listening correctly a Kent Agerlund described in his blog post here ( .

Solution :

Digging further in to it , I have found the solution . Apparently there is an issue with the SQL 2008 R2 Native Client . 

What is the version of SQL Native Client on the Secondary site? Right SQL 2008 R2 .

We have seen some issues with a SQL 2008 R2 Native Client talking to a cluster on the SQL technet forums. If you are using the R2 SNAC, remove from the Secondary site and install the SQL 2008 SNAC ( the link to the download : ) and the issue will go away!

Stop your Configmgr 2012 services and go to control panel and uninstall SQL 2008 R2 native client as shown below


Install the SQL 2008 Native Client and reboot as shown below :


Reboot your server and go into the MPcontrol.log . You will see the server talking correctly :


Now PXE boot works , but also your Management Point .

Hopefully Microsoft sorts this out pretty quickly …

Hope it Helps ,

Kenny Buntinx

System Center 2012 and making sure your SQL SPN’s are correctly auto registering

11:41 am in Uncategorized by Kenny Buntinx [MVP]

Did you ever got the following message after installing your SQL server 2008 R2 / 2012 for a System Center 2012 Product?

“SQL Server cannot authenticate using Kerberos because the Service Principal Name (SPN) is missing, misplaced, or duplicated.”

You could do 2 things :

Register the SPN manually.

See for more details –>

Register the SPN automatically:

To configure the SQL Server service to create SPNs dynamically when the SQL Server service starts, follow the following steps:

Click Start, click Run, type Adsiedit.msc, and then click OK.
In the ADSI Edit snap-in, expand Domain [DomainName], expand DC= RootDomainName, expand CN=Users, right-click CN= AccountName , and then click Properties.

You have specified a domain user account (In my example SQLrunnerPRO) to start the SQL Server service, AccountName is a placeholder for the domain user account.
In the CN= AccountName Properties dialog box, click the Security tab.
On the Security tab, click Advanced.
In the Advanced Security Settings dialog box, make sure that SELF is listed under Permission entries. If SELF is not listed, click Add, and then add SELF.

Under Permission entries, click SELF, and then click Edit.
In the Permission Entry dialog box, click the Properties tab.
On the Properties tab, click This object only in the Apply onto list, and then click to select the check boxes for the following permissions under Permissions:
Read servicePrincipalName
Write servicePrincipalName
Click OK two times.

When done and your SQL services are restarted , you will have the following SPN’s registered automatically ( depending on your config and products used )

To list the Registered SPN’s , use the command “setspn –l [Domain]\[SQL Service Account]

Example :


Hope it helps ,

Kenny Buntinx

SCUG.BE event: Subscribe for the Belgian “System Center Configuration Manager Day” with Wally Mead on the 4th of July.

10:45 am in Uncategorized by Kenny Buntinx [MVP]

It has been a few weeks since the official System Center Configuration Manager 2012 release in Las Vegas at MMS 2012. So it’s time to provide the Belgian ConfigMgr Community a nice off-line event to share in-depth information on this new release.

During this event we will be joined by Wally Mead, Senior Program Manager for System Center Configuration Manager (aka The Godfather of ConfigMgr). Wally Mead has been with Microsoft for 20 years, starting in the Microsoft training group where he got his first exposure to systems management with SMS 1.0. He’s been in the Configuration Manager product group for the past 20 years, working on all versions of the SMS/Configuration Manager product. He worked with TAP customers beta testing Configuration Manager 2012, as well as developing hands-on lab materials for conferences like MMS 2012 and TechNet Virtual Hands-on labs.

Wally will provide you with 2 in depth sessions and one surprise session. That surprise session will be worth the whole trip and you cannot miss that one.
The  other sessions will be presented by the Belgian ConfigMgr MVP’s or other SCUG members with in depth technical knowledge with surrounding System Center technologies. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to socialize with fellow ConfigMgr administrators and consultants and exchange knowledge, meet with one of the most popular Microsoft speakers of all time and have a nice lunch with the 2 Belgian ConfigMgr MVP’s. We hope you will join us for an event designed to stimulate new thinking and forge lasting relationships among a remarkable group of IT professionals.

Below you will find the final agenda :

Register here for the event . We will ask a small fee of 49 Euro to cover the location costs.

Remember to register quickly as we have limited (100) seats available. First registered , first served principle ! This event will NOT be recorded !

We will give away a Nokia Lumia 800 Phone during the event.An innocent hand will raffle the price !

Location will be :

Business Faculty Brussel

St. Lendriksborre 6 Font Saint Landry

1120 Brussel (Neder-Over-Heembeek)



09:15 – 09:45  / Welcome and Registration

09:45 – 10:00 / Keynote 

10:00 – 11:00 / Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012: Plan, Deploy, and Migrate from Configuration Manager 2007 to 2012 by Wally Mead

Session Abstract: (Building on the Deployment and Infrastructure Design session, this technical session walks you through planning and deploying a Configuration Manager 2012 hierarchy, including migration from an existing Configuration Manager 2007 hierarchy. Learn about the various migration scenarios, tools such as Package Conversion Manager (PCM) and Physical-to-virtual (P2V), and share best practice guidance as your customers go to Configuration Manager 2012.)

11:00 – 12:00 / System Center Configuration Manager 2007 vs 2012 Battle by Kim Oppalfens and Nico Sienaert

Session Abstract: Finally ConfigMgr 2012 arrived! During this presentation we will focus on the most important improvements of the product. We will showcase you the new capabilities by organizing the ultimate battle of the year: CM07 versus CM12. Let’s get ready to rumble!

12:00 – 13:30 / Lunch Break

13:30 – 14:30 / How to look at monitoring in & outside of System Center Configurtion Manager 2012 by Tim De Keukelaere

Session Abstract: So you have successfully implemented Configuration Manager 2012 in your environment? Now it is time to see how to maintain and monitor the infrastructure and its various components. During this session we will show how to do monitoring inside and outside of Configuration Manager. We will go through the new monitoring capabilities built into the product and also how to proactively monitor your infrastructure using Operations Manager 2012.

14:30 – 15:30 / Patch and Settings Management in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012 by Wally Mead

Session Abstract: With the release of Desired Configuration Management in Configuration Manager 2007, organizations were given the ability to define models of Operating System, Application, Update levels, and more. This approach to managing systems now evolves in Configuration Manager 2012 to provide a state-based foundation of the Application Model, User Centric computing, and model-based compliancy. In this session we cover the next release of DCM, called Settings Management, and demonstrate why this is such an important feature for organizations today trying to lower their costs. This session also covers Software Update Management, which builds on Configuration Manager 2007, providing many popular enhancements from customer feedback to this important feature.

16:00 – 17:00 / SCCM 2012 Automatic approval workflow with SCSM 2012 by Kenny Buntinx and Kurt Vanhoeke

Session Abstract: Join Kenny Buntinx, MCP SCCM and Kurt Van Hoecke, a SCSM expert, to find out how you can integrate the Microsoft Application Approval Workflow solution accelerator into your System Center environment. During this session we will explain the building blocks of the solution and show how you can grow from the classic application provisioning to end-user self-service provisioning that integrates in your Service Request process. This session is demo time; Configuration Manager Application Catalog, Service Manager Service Requests and Orchestrator Runbooks are demonstrated in this session.

17:00 – 18:00 / Wally mead – Surprise Session ! Unique session in Benelux !

Session Abstract: Sit back and relax ! Wally will present a surprise session that will nail yourselves to your seat. This session will be unique for the Benelux . Don’t miss it !!

18:00 -  19:00 / Networking and Drink


Hope it Helps ,

Kenny Buntinx

SCUG.BE will be on the Experience Days !! Join us !

7:42 pm in Uncategorized by Kenny Buntinx [MVP]

This is your personal invitation to one of the two major technical
conferences we will be holding on June 7th 2012: The Best of
Microsoft Management Summit and Experience Windows Server 2012.

During The Best of Microsoft Management Summit (MMS 2012), we
will provide you with the best possible opportunity to learn
about what’s new in System Center 2012. Led by experts who
attended MMS 2012 in Las Vegas, you can expect in-depth sessions
on infrastructure management, service delivery & automation,
application management, desktop & device management.

Discover the full program


At Experience Windows Server 2012 day you will discover how
Windows Server is going beyond virtualization by scaling and
securing workload, how it will enable the modern work style by
giving people access to information and data regardless of the
infrastructure, network, device or application they use to
access it.
And you will discover the power of many servers with the
simplicity of one by efficiently managing infrastructure while
maximizing uptime and minimizing failures and downtime.

Join us and learn more about:

– New Hyper-V Virtualization Platform
– What’s new in Active Directory
– Storage and Management Improvements
– Clustering Improvements
– Plus much more…
Discover the full program


Places are limited, so register now for:

– The Best of Microsoft Management Summit

– Experience Windows Server 2012

Add to your Outlook calendar:

– The Best of Microsoft Management Summit

– Experience Windows Server 2012

These events are part of the Microsoft Experience Days
that take place on 6 and 7 June 2012.

Hope it Helps ,

Kenny Buntinx

TechEd Europe 2012: Ask the experts

8:47 pm in Uncategorized by Kenny Buntinx [MVP]

Awesome! I’ve been selected to participate in Tech·Ed Europe 2012 as a Microsoft Product Expert in the Technical Learning Center (TLC).

This is is my 1th TechEd where I get the chance to staff as a Microsoft Product Expert (Ask the Experts) in the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager – System Center Endpoint Protection booth together with other MVP’s like Ronni Pedersen.

I’m really exited to get the chance to talk to customers and partners, and show them all the great features in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager / System Center Endpoint Protection.

So if you get the time, please drop by and talk to us.

See you in Amsterdam!

Hope it Helps,

Kenny Buntinx

ConfigMgr 2012 & SCEP : Automatic Deployment Rule Fails with “Failed to download the update from the internet. Error = 5”

8:41 am in ConfigMgr 2012, SCCM 2012, scep by Kenny Buntinx [MVP]

Hi there ,

You have implemented SCEP in Configmgr 2012 and you have enabled a Automatic Deployment Rule for you SCEP updates. You see them failing and you don’t know why ?

Go and do a deep dive in the log file called “Ruleengine.log” located in the “logs” Folder.In this log file you will see all information about why a Automatic Deployment Rule fails.

In my case I have noticed that I got a “ Failed to download the update from the internet. Error = 5” as shown below


“Error Code = 5” normally means “Access Denied” and I was right … My permissions on my “SU$” share where not appropriate . After setting the right permissions on the share , my problem was solved .

Hope it Helps ,

Kenny Buntinx