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Hello All,

Got back from MMS 2012 and finally rested enough to get going again, but man what a great event this was once more. I am especially pleased with how well the different SCUG members at the convention did either with sessions or with the level of networking.

First of all, we had 2 people from SCUG Belgium presenting, Kim and Mike all had sessions to deliver.

Mike presented a breakout session on Data Protection Manager together with Orin Thomas, while Kim delivered 2 breakouts with a fellow MVP colleague Jason Sandys and Jeopardy Quiz with a fellow MVP colleague Kent Agerlund ( and the golden jackets where awsome)


The Jeopardy Quiz was Awesome ! There where four teams involved : Product Team Group (Wally Mead & Brett Flagg) , MVP Team (Garth Jones & Panu Saukko) , Community team (Brian Mason & Ron Crumbaker) and PSS/CSS (Steve Rachui & Don Brown)

I never had so much fun during a session at MMS. It has to come back next year so please feel fill in those eval forms !

Last but not Least!

I was in the Keynote of Brad Anderson explaining how System Center Configuration Manager 2012 became such a good product. How cool is that and what are the odds to get into it !

See it online at


Now I am fighting jetlag and I will start working on Best of MMS 2012 for Belgium very soon . So stay tuned !

Hope it Helps ,

Kenny Buntinx

Configuration Manager 2012: Select a Preferred Deployment when deploying via unknown computer support

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Hi there ,

Today a customer requested an interesting scenario about selecting a preferred deployment when deploying multiple TS to a single collection:


You have made a few task sequences available thru PXE boot and enabled unknown computer support . You set all your deployments to available , not required.
When you start your OSD deployment , you will see the few task sequences sitting there and waiting . This is a correct behavior.

The customer likes to see the following behavior:

– one of the task sequences made available will be started automatically after 30 seconds  if none of the other TS are selected.

This will help them to avoid the import computer information part as they stage thousands of machines over one weekend and there process is that the computer name is generated from their CMDB tool after the mac address and serial number is scanned. Then we extract that information and push it into TS variables.


You can define a deployment in a prestart command that overrides existing deployments to the destination computer. Use the SMSTSPreferredAdvertID task sequence variable to configure the task sequence to use the specific Offer ID that defines the conditions for the deployment.

More interesting info on John Vintzels blog at

Hope it Helps ,

Kenny Buntinx

Configmgr 2012 and App-V dependencies

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When using App-V Applications in Configmgr 2012 , make sure you have App-V client 4.6 SP1 CU5 deployed as this is the minimum supported version in CM12 .

Just a reminder when you are in a migration phase … First upgrade your App-V client software to version 4.6 SP1 CU5

This will also be a requirement is you want to add the App-V client as a dependency of your Application’s deployment type (app-V)

Hope it Helps ,

Kenny buntinx

MMS-2012 is only 1 week away and SCUG.BE will be there…

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Yes, MMS 2012 is in front of the door and it will be an exciting week. The complete SCUG team from Belgium will be there!

Myself (MVP SCCM), Kim Oppalfens (MVP SCCM) , Kurt Vanhoecke (SCSM), Alexandre Verkinderen (MVP Cloud and Datacenter) , Mike Resseler (MVP Cloud and Datacenter) , Arne Peleman (SCOM, SCSM) , Nico Sienaert (SCCM), Dieter Wijckmans “IT Rambo”(SCOM , SCSM) and Tim Dekeukelaere (SCCM,SCOM) will attend MMS in Vegas.

My schedule is made and I will have a more or less complete System Center Configuration Manager 2012 week.

I will also do some additional side work at MMS 2012 this year. Here is a little overview:

I will assist Wally Mead in the following proctoring labs :

  • Ballroom C Mon 4:30PM – 5:45PM Lab Proctor ILL: Basic Software Distribution in Configuration Manager 2012
  • Ballroom B Thu 11:45AM – 1:00PM Lab Proctor ILL: Implementing Endpoint Protection 2012 in Configuration Manager 2012 –> This is my favorite !

If you are an Belgian IT Pro , please let me know . It would be great to know and maybe meet up in Las Vegas.

See you all over there !

Kenny Buntinx