Got SCCM 2007? Take a look at this XenApp Connector Tech Preview!

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You’ve probably seen XenApp Connector for SCCM in XenApp 6. Now we’re taking it one step further – Along with the Citrix XenApp Tech Preview release, we’re pleased to announce the availability of the next version of the XenApp Connector for Microsoft SCCM 2007, as a Tech Preview release. This XenApp Connector Tech Preview represents another milestone in the ongoing partnership with Microsoft to bring you a powerful joint solution that lets you manage your entire XenApp environment using the SCCM management console. XenApp Connector extends the reach of ConfigMgr 2007 to virtual environments like Citrix without any downtime for users.

For those not familiar with XenApp Connector for SCCM, you can read more about it here and watch the video here.

This release of the XenApp Connector contains the following features:

1. Support for SCCM 2007 R2 and R3.
2. Support for WSUS – Windows Server Update Services. So now you can deliver not just applications, but also keep your entire XenApp infrasructure up-to-date with the latest Windows Updates without any user downtime.
3. Quality improvements including several bug fixes (such as seamless FTA for App-V packages)
4. Scalability improvements
5. Setup & Configuration Simplification – wizard detects connectivity and setup problems early on and automatically suggests solutions.
6. Firewall friendly changes – Communication between the Connector and the hosts (XenApp, PCM and SCCM) now make use of PowerShell V2 remoting over HTTP/HTTPS.
7. Improved Security – The option to enable SSL encryption in the Configuration Wizard and Digital signing of the Connector PowerShell script files.
8. Full Section 508 compliance
9. Logging and diagnostic improvements (rolling log file support, SMS Trace format compatibility)


This release can be found on the ISO image of the XenApp Tech Preview release under the ‘Connector for ConfigMgr’ folder.


Hope it Helps

Kenny Buntinx

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