Softgrid 4.1 migration towards ConfigMgr with App-V 4.6 Integration : The story of automation , Part 4.

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Today , I will continue explaining my little migration project to migrate away from a standalone Softgrid 4.1 infrastructure towards a fully integrated SCCM2007 SP R2 App-V 4.6 infrastructure . You can read my previous posts right here :


Below I will discuss the migration scenario once more in a few bullet points to migrate away from the Softgrid 4.1 standalone environment :

1. Deploy the new app-V 4.6 clients on all workstations and check for inconsistencies (luckily all packages where sequenced with 4.2) DONE in Part 1.

2. Pull all existing Softgrid 4.2 sequenced packages thru the new App-V 4.6 Sequencer to avoid any complications. DONE in Part 1.

3. Import all packages into ConfigMgr 2007 SP2 R2 DONE in Part 1.

4. Create all necessary collections and create a dynamic membership query with a AD group name. Partially explained in Part 2 , DONE in Part 3.

5. Create all the necessary advertisements.

6. Switch over from Softgrid standalone to Configmgr 2007 R2 SP2. (Think about network impact !)


So that will leave us to creating all the necessary advertisments (remember 400 Pieces) between the virtual Packages and the necessary collections.

As explained in Part 3, we have created a CSV file with all the necessary information as APP-V package Name , ResourceID & Collection Names. Now we need to add the PackageID , Advertisement Name and CollectionID to the CSV file  ( you can extract that kind of information out of your SQL DB (dbo.v_Package & dbo.v_collections)


Figure 1: The modified CSV file added with PackageID, Advertisement Name, CollectionID

Once the CSV file is filled up with the necessary data , we can start working on the script to create those advertisements based on that Csv file , as we need the PackageID , CollectionID and Advertisment Name tables to make it work .

Below I will post the VBS code to read out the csv file and create all advertisements :


Stay tuned for Part 5 very soon talking about the actual switch over from Softgrid standalone to Configmgr 2007 R2 SP2. ….


Hope it Helps ,

Kenny Buntinx

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