Configmgr : Locked Packages after SCCM site migration and how to solve it

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Yesterday , I explained in this blogpost ““ on how I was busy migrating one SCCM 2007 Primary site to another , because we wanted to start with a complete new environment (w2k8 x64) .As there is no supported direct upgrade path, I built an entire new SCCM server with SP2 -R2.I made it a child site of the existing SCCM primary site and let all the packages replicate.

After that I broke the parent/child relationship. My old SCCM site code was UZA, and the new SCCM site name APL.

The Problem

Of all the 180 packages that came across, there was 1 package that still had a padlock on it , suggesting they it was still under the control of the parent site. 

Because of the locked package, I cannot delete or modify  it , delete the distribution point(s) or  change settings.




The Solution

This is the solution I figured out , but be aware that editing the DB directly is NOT supported. Use at your own risk.

1.You need to change the SourceSite for the PackageID in the SMSPackages table. Open up your SQL Management Studio and connect to your SCCM DB.
   Run the following query : “SELECT * FROM SMSPackages WHERE SourceSite <> ‘your_new_site_code’“ where in my case the query would be “SELECT * FROM SMSPackages WHERE SourceSite <> ‘APL’“


2. You should see a list of packages that are still under control of your old site. Then you need to update them to the new site code by running the following query :
    UPDATE SMSPackages SET SourceSite = ‘your_new_site_code’ where SourceSite = ‘your_old_site_code’ where in my case the query would be “UPDATE SMSPackages SET SourceSite = ‘APL’= ‘UZA’”


3. I’ve refreshed my package, and the padlock was unlocked shortly



Hope it Helps ,


Kenny Buntinx

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