ConfigMgr SRS Web Reporting : Issue with report: "Computers that have run a specific metered software program"

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Issue :

When running the report "Computers that have run a specific metered software program" thru the SRS reporting web page & If you want to select the month in the report , you will see years instead of months.

Just look at the screenshot below  :


Solution :

Easiest way would be to just edit the report directly in the AdminUI.

Go to Site Database -> Computer Management –> Reporting –> Reporting Services –> Server –> Report Folders –> Software Metering in your ConfigMgr Console .




Right-click “Computer that have run a specific metered software program”, select Properties.


  1. Change to the “Datasets” tab.
  2. Change the “Dataset Name” dropdown to DataSet2.
  3. Click the 3rd icon, “Report Parameters”.


As shown below in the picture :



When the “Report Parameters” section opens , Change the selection to “Month” in the top box.




Change the Label field to the correct value (which should already be in the drop-down selection anyway).




Now your report should look OK ….


Hope it Helps ,


Kenny Buntinx

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