Microsoft EndPoint protection team and System center development team are merging!

May 27, 2010 at 3:13 pm in ConfigMgr, SCCM 2007 by Kenny Buntinx [MVP]

As part of STB’s strategy to align future Windows endpoint security and systems management engineering, the Forefront endpoint protection development team will join the System Center development team which is led by Brad Anderson. With this change, Brad’s new organization will be called the Management and Security Division.

The entire press release can be found here:

Which is in line with the decision that was made in october to rebuild Forefront on top of SCCM (a systems management product) as opposed to its old mom 2005 architecture (a monitoring product).

As you can read here:


On top of that it also moves SCCM into the area that Gartner predicts for several years already that lifecycle management is moving to (Endpoint protection integration).

Symantec and Altiris are moving in that direction, and so is Microsoft now.


Gartner lifecycle management magic quadrant:

Gartner extract:

PCCLM and Endpoint Protection: The PCCLM and endpoint protection markets are both mature. There is less of a need for best-of-breed point solutions than there was five years ago, and organizations are placing greater value on the integration between these sets of tools and the preservation of a single vendor strategy. For example, with this type of capability, the PCCLM tool can discover the last time a machine’s antivirus (AV) client scanned, and force a scan if appropriate. The implication here is that security can set the policy that defines when scans must take place, but the discover, detect, remediate function can be handled by operations, which is its competency.”

Enjoy the dive into the Dark Magic of WMI.

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