MMS 2010 – an event to remember

April 25, 2010 at 6:15 pm in MMS2010 by Kenny Buntinx [MVP]

Hi All,

I think most people have followed the early bits of my attempt to make it to MMS 2010 for my session on WMI for the System Center Configuration Administrator. But here is the full story.

As most of you know the airspace in Brussels closed down on Thursday, and the re-opening of the airspace got delayed a couple of hours at the time. As Kenny already blogged quite a few of the SCUG members decided to drive to Madrid and take a flight from there. Unfortunately by the time I figured airspace was not going to be re-opened on Sunday morning there were no tickets available in Madrid so I could join Kenny and the other SCUG members. That was the start of a pretty frustrating week, I went to the airport day-after-day to get my flight rescheduled to a waiting list the next day each time around.

On Thursday when the first transatlantic flights from Brussels started leaving again I got drafted for a seat on the flight to Chicago. So things brightened up slightly as my session had been reschedules to Friday morning. The flight to Chicago however got delayed for 1,5 hours, add a 2 hour border control line to that, and you can figure out that I didn’t make my connection to Las Vegas. The airline transferred me on to the next flight out to Las Vegas, but apparently this was my “lucky week” and the airplane on my rescheduled flight needed servicing, which meant they had to fly in another airplane from Philadelphia causing an additional delay of 1 hour 45 minutes. Eventually landed in Las Vegas 9:40 PM only to find out that my luggage didn’t make it. The airline service desk told me it would arrive on the next flight from Chicago, so I waited for awhile for that to arrive, but eventually gave up on that and had the airline ship my luggage to the hotel. Long story short, I arrived at the Palazo hotel at 10:30 PM. I promised event organizers Martin Dey and Lyndy Hailey that I would do everything within my power to make it there, and well a promise is a promise.

And now for the good news, had a good night of sleep at the Palazo, got up bright & early, and was totally “in the zone” to deliver my session. That Friday morning nothing could have stopped me, I was going to deliver a killer-session no matter what. And so I did, I went on stage and delivered my session, wide awake adrenaline pumping like mad. I didn’t just deliver my session, I don’t usually brag about my performances but this time around I rocked! I delivered the best-scoring session of the systems management track although Greg Ramsey (Powershell and SCCM: Better toghether) Sherry Kissinger (Hardware Inventory of custom DCM to ensure compliant systems) and all the program managers in The ConfigMgr product team (ConfigMgr vNext Ask the panel of experts ) made me work my magic mojo pretty hard to achieve that.

It didn’t stop there though, on top of scoring the best systems management session, I managed to score a top 10 overall session and finished 8th in the overall sessions at MMS 2010. Needless to say, it has been one hell of a trip, but it has been worth it. I only got beaten by some true rock stars like (Mark Minasi, Michael Niehaus, Travis Wright and Johan).

Yes that’s Johan Arwidmark, but within our industry he entered the group of people that you know by just mentioning their first names like Bono and Cher.


I delivered 2 great demo’s got to announce the release and promote sccmautodoc (more on that later or mail for ordering info), and have been living on a cloud ever since. (Never new “The Cloud” experience was this intense).

Here are some of the comments I liked best on the eval sheets:


Funny speaker! The power he just gave admins here is HUGE! Bring him back next year.

glad you could make it to the conference. This session was very beneficial!!!!! thank you for sharing your knowledge!!!!

Kim did a great job of showing how we can use WMI more efectively, as SCCm admins

The MYIT speakers/presenters are very good, presenting the real world and not just MS propaganda

And this one is what I did it for:

Thanks for flying in. You are amazing. We are not worthy!


In the end the trip was hell, and I didn’t get to see much of the event, but to me it was worth it.

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