MMS-2010 : The Road trip continued … We have made it , but ….

April 19, 2010 at 5:57 am in mms, MMS2010 by Kenny Buntinx [MVP]

As explained in other posts as well , almost all European airports where closed . Well that wasn’t good enough for us as explained in the previous posts :


Well , two founding members and one member of the community ( Alex Verkinderen (SCOM MVP) , Kurt Vanhoucke (SCSM expert) and Dieter wijckmans ) left already on friday evening to Madrid airport to grab the last two seats on Saturday ….

Ourselfs , also a founding member and two other members of the community ( Kenny Buntinx (SCCM MVP) , Mike Resseler (SCE , SCDPM expert) and Arne Peeleman ) left on saturday noon to Madrid airport to grab the last tree seats on Sunday ….

But there is also some sad news :

We lost the following members as well due to various reasons :

  • Kim Oppalfens (SCCM MVP & SCUG founding member)
  • Gino D’hooker (SCUG Member)
  • Yves Janssene (SCUG Founding Member)

We still hope that some guy’s can still make it !!

If there are any spelling mistakes , sorry , but I am exhausted

Kenny Buntinx

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