SCCM : How to create a collection to list Windows Embedded Devices

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For a customer , I had the requirement for creating a collection that was filled with Windows Embedded Devices using the WMI property as selection criterion.

This can be done by creating a new collection and create a dynamic membership rule that is a targeting the single criterion of the “OSProductSuite” property.


If the value detected is 64, these systems are running XPe, Windows Embedded Standard or Embedded NT.

Other possible values for OSProductSuite are shown in the table below:

1 – Small Business Server

2 – Enterprise Server

4 – Back Office Server

8 – Communication Server

16 – Terminal Server

32 – Small Business Server (restricted)

64 – Embedded NT

128 – Data Center

With the help of this collection an administrator is able to see all Windows Embedded devices or any other group of devices connected to his company’s network.


The information above is coming from Alexander Wechsler ( and his blog. I thought this could be interesting to other SCCM guys as well and therefore I would like to thank Alexander for this information.

Hope it Helps ,

Kenny Buntinx

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