SCCM : ESX VMWare Vsphere 4 Tools Silent Install/Upgrade in an Windows 2008 R2 OSD Task Sequence ANSWER !

November 13, 2009 at 3:29 pm in ConfigMgr, ConfigMgr 2007, ConfigMgr 2007 R2, ConfigMgr SP2, configmgr2007, sccm, SCCM 2007, SCCM 2007 R2, SCCM 2007 SP2, sccm2007, Vmware by Kenny Buntinx [MVP]

We struggled with this for a long time, but we finally found a way to make it work. We could deploy the tools manually with no issue, but trying to automate it was a complete nightmare.

Basically, the problem turned out to be that trying to use setup.exe from VMware to do an automated Install is effectively impossible.

The supported solution from Wmware  that we initially found was to use setup.exe. The command was: setup.exe /s /v"/qn"

The only caveat to be aware of is that if you’re scripting the process in a task sequence for example , that the command will execute, spawn the install/upgrade process, and then immediately terminate. Hence, your task sequence or whatever will think that the command has finished even though the upgrade has just started to run in the background. We normally suppress all reboots in our packages and then decide when to boot via the Task sequence, but in this case that was not possible. Even with the reboot=Suppress option to the install the VMware tools would finish executing with instantly rebooting and failing your Task Sequence.

When we’re installing the tools, we use msiexec because it doesn’t have the "terminates instantly" problem that you get with setup.exe and is therefore easier to deal with in your task sequence.

That command is : msiexec.exe /i VMwareToolsx64.msi /QN ADDLOCAL=ALL REBOOT=ReallySuppress ( make sure to rename your msi file and remove the space in between !)

Using that method, we successfully Installed the VMware tools in out  Windows 2008 R2 x64 task sequence .


Hope it helps

Kenny Buntinx.

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