SCCM : Backing up secondary sites isn’t supported !

June 22, 2009 at 5:10 pm in Uncategorized by Kenny Buntinx [MVP]

Recovery off a secondary site is not supported with SCCM , backing it up is !  Only a reinstall is supported for secondary site. This news I received yesterday from PSS support , after we ran into an issue with the VSS Backup writer at a customer.I did not know it wasn’t supported , as the functionality is there to configure it. Why don’t they block this possibility on secondary sites if recovery is not supported.

But , I do agree there is not much on a secondary site of value to back up. Since backup does not save packages, the only things lost in a failure that could be recovered would be transient client data that has not yet been sent to the primary site and some configuration details on the secondary. Since clients are assigned to the primary site we can use a replacement secondary right away. Worst case scenario would be to resync inventory on some of your clients depending on how much ‘in flight’ data lives on our secondary.

Just to let you know , hope it helps ,

Kenny Buntinx

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