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MMS 2009 – SCCM 2007 Documenting team news !

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The documenting team of System center Configuration manager just announced that they will be publishing shortly a series of Superflows on Configuration Manager processes including:

  • Client Deployment Troubleshooting
  • OSD: PXE Deployment
  • Software Updates Configuration
  • Software Update Deployment
  • Software Updates Synchronization
  • SRS Report Models
  • Backup and Recovery

It will make the admins life easier . So Lets be waiting until they relese it , it will be a cool thing

Hope it helps ,

Kenny Buntinx

SCCM 2007 SP2 : What is New?

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The next service pack for SCCM 2007 will be much smaller , but still has all the important stuff.

First of all there will be the support for Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2.

There will be also an Update to Management Pack for 64-bit OS’s – SP2 that will ship 64-bit perf counters.

Also remote control functions are added in for x64 XP and Sever 2003 x 64. We will finally have multi-select and a multi driver delete drivers function from the console.

There will be better feedback on AD extension success or failure events.

Finally there will be a hotfix cummulative update of the 36 existing QFE fixes.

It will ship 90 days after the release Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2.


Hope it Helps ,

Kenny Buntinx

MMS 2009 : First Keynote

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Whaawww … did you know that MMS has 1200 oversized “Pc’s”(aka servers) running to support us getting to the online and oflline Labs.

Today the first keynote was presented by Bob Kelley , called Datacenter management.Bob kelley is the corporate Vice President  , server & tools Business.

I will highlight some of the points that were dropped during the sessions .

1. The trend today is to go to dynamic IT , but very model driven.Microsoft is still investing a lot into the DSI initiative.

2.Azure cloud computing is the way we will go and the cloud must be reliable, predictable and automated.Company’s must be able to scale up or scale out thru a supported cost by the bussiness.

3. We went from the mainframe to client/server apps to the web and now we go to cloud computing.

4. To support cloud computing , Microsoft has 3 datacenters .They are located in Singapore , Dublin and Washington.

5. Public and private cloud investments need to be made , especially application delivery with the need of exchange of data between the 2 clouds.

6. User centricity will be key! If you are on- or off premises , it should feel the same for the end user .

7. Win2k8 R2 will ship together with Windows 7 and they will release the Release Candidate very shortly!

8. will be made available on server core win2k8 R2 .

9. Win2k8 R2 will be very power aware.

10. System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 will ship 60 days after the release of Win2k8 R2.

11. In about 30 days System Center Operations Manager 2008 R2 will be released !

12. A lot of partners will deliver pro tips for System Center Operations Manager 2008 R2 ( hp , dell ,etc)


Hope it Helps ,

Kenny Buntinx

SCUG: Getting Started with out of band management

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Session video of ” Getting Started with out of ban management” given by Kim Oppalfens:


Manager 2007 SP1 added this brand new feature called out of band
service management. In my opinion a worth-while addition, yet it
competes with the NAP feature for the position of least used SCCM 2007
feature, whereas it deserves a place up there with the feature hotshots
like software distribution and os deployment. The main reason it isn’t
up there in the popular feature list is most likely because the
provisioning of systems to support out of band service management can
be a little bit tricky. During this session we’ll show you how to get
provisioning going. We’ll talk about the 3 different ways of
provisioning, and show you the easiest way to get going.




Heading to MMS-2009 : What a challenge, Murphy’s Law was there !

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Well , I am writing this article from the JFK airport in New York instead of O’Hare in Chicago. Murphy’s law was there to not get me to Las Vegas for some reason. But hey , he doesn’t know Kenny yet.I am not a quitter !

It all started yesterday around 13.00 h , when I discovered that my wife left with my glasses on the top of my car roof. You should say that I am a stupid ass to put my glasses there , but hey , it happened as you expect.

She leaves with the car , my glasses drops of the roof and the car does the job by crunching it into 100.000 pieces :-)

Goddammit , I can’t find my spare glasses …. so I called my optician for lenses . He responds to me : “ I call you back into 1 hour to see what I can do , because normally we need to order your lenses “ . Yes , I am pretty blind …

I was shocked , talking to myself : “ forget about Vegas without glasses or lenses “ , but my optician called back and said : “ I have a pair of lenses for you “. HOERA !!

But things can get even worse.

This morning I arrived at the airport and the first thing I noticed on the billboard was that my flight was delayed with 4 to 5 hours …. WTF !!  I went to the check-in and argued that this wasn’t an option. After some discussions and getting in touch with the manager of American airlines , they transfer me on the flight heading to “New York” instead of “Chicago”. Well I have to say that the services of AA are marvelous … It was my best international flight in years for economy class .

Well , after landing in New York , I discovered that I wasn’t allowed calling with my company cell … WTF !! It always worked ….When I am in Vegas , I will send a mail to HR to rectify it . Until then I hope I will find my SCUG friends in Vegas .


Tomorrow another story , but this time I hope nothing goes wrong anymore ! Hopefully my hotel isn’t cancelled or something :-)

Hope it helps ,

Kenny Buntinx

MMS-2009 : Getting closer! Call to action for Belgian IT-Pro’s attending MMS !

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Microsoft Management Summit 2009 is just around the corner! But the question will be : how many Belgian IT Pro’s are attending this event ?

If you are an Belgian or dutch speaking IT Pro , please let me know . It would be great to know and maybe meet up in Las Vegas.

Myself , Kim Oppalfens & Kurt Vanhoecke will attend MMS in Vegas.


See you over there ,

Kenny Buntinx

SCCM2007 OSD : Customising your Task Sequence for Building a Client OS on your VMWare Workstation 6.0 or later

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Hi ,

Did you ever wanted to build a reference image of your physical workstations onto your VMware Workstation so that people could play around ?

Well , I have a lot of customers demanding for this scenario and here is how you get started :

Step 1 : Download the drivers of the “Intel PRO Network adapter” from the Intel site (

Step 2 : Install the VMware workstation 6.5 software on a client . Navigate to the following folder “c:\Program Files\VMWare\Vmware Workstation\” , extract those drivers to a folder .

Step 3 : Copy the drivers to a folder on your SCCM Primary server & import those drivers into the driver database . Make sure to also create a Driver Package & replicate it to the selected DP’s


Step 4 : Obtain the VMware Client Tools and create a package into your SCCM server . Create a program with the following line “ Msiexec /I “client tools.msi” /QN

Step 5 : Edit your task sequence and add the earlier created driver package :









As you can see , I have multiple hardware’s included .To sort them out , I use wmi queries and that is explained below .

Step 6 : In the properties pane , select your correct driver package and select “do unattended installation if unsigned drivers …….”


Step 7 : Go to the options tab and create a wmi query that will only apply/install the drivers when it is a VMware .As shown in the example below.


Step 8 : Create a subsection to install specific HW driver software . In this case the VMware client tools .


Step 9 : Select you earlier created package


Step 10 : In the options tab , you repeat your wmi query as shown above :


Step 11 : You think you are done ? Well on the server side you are , but on the client side you must adapt some client settings to get it working .

Step 12 : Adapting the Virtual network drivers to support the WinPe SCCM enviroment.

Step 13 : After your Virtual machine has been created , the network card is not supported for the SCCM PXE boot . You will need to alter manually the *. Vmx file with notepad and add a line to it.


Open the *.VMX file where your VM is located and add the following line :

Ethernet0.virtualDev = “e1000”


Save the file and exit the application.

Step 14 : Record your Mac adress and importing it into SCCM to deploy your VMWARE image .


Hope it helps ,


Kenny Buntinx

Upgrading an SMS 2003 SP3 with remote SQL server to SCCM 2007 SP1 is giving a lot of “failure audit” events on the remote SQL server

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After the upgrade was done from SMS 2003 SP3 , we had a lot of “failure audit” events on the remote sql server (every 20 min).

Warnings are logged for an account that wants to access the SQL server. (Account is specified as network access account and Push installation account)

This is also logged in the ccm.log file on the SCCM 2007 SP1 primary site.

We have identified a cause for the errors being logged in the CCM.LOG. It appears to occur due to the SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER key in the registry, this key doesn’t appear
to be created in a fresh install of SCCM (checked on the fresh installed SCCM server in my sandbox)

Deleting this key will make the errors go away, the errors don’t cause any harm or functionality issues.


Actions taken:

-       Delete the registry key HKLM\Software\Microsoft\SMS\Components\SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER

-       Restarted the smsexec service and no failure audit anymore

-       Wait for another 20 min and no failure audit warnings anymore.


The Environment we worked on :

– SMS 2003 SP3 with remote SQL server.

– Server 2003 SP2 server OS


Thanks to Kurt Van Hoecke for putting this to our attention !

However , this method is NOT supported by Microsoft !

This posting is provided AS IS with no warranties !

Hope it Helps ,

Kenny Buntinx