SCCM : In place upgrade / Refresh Scenario issues – solutions with tranguid.exe Part 1.

October 27, 2008 at 2:43 pm in ConfigMgr, ConfigMgr 2007, migration, sccm, SCCM 2007, script by Kenny Buntinx [MVP]


It all started with the great idea of a customer of reserving the same SMSGuid for an Inplace upgrade / Refresh scenario that would :

– Keep the same hardware

– Do an USMT capture of the settings for that machine.

– Replace the OS from W2K to XP SP2 or from XP SP2 to XP SP2

– Rename the computer account to the new standard from GTxxxxx to TGNxxxxx

– Maintain the same SMS Guid , so no duplicate entry’s

– Restore the USMT state to the local machine .


What a challenge , but we had a kind of scenario in place :

Step -1 : Add the %OSDNEWNAME% variable to your computerobject


2 1

Advertise your PC to your collection that has the correct Task Sequence assigned .


Step 1 : Request the state store

Step 2 : Capture user settings to the SMP

Step 3 : Capture the windows settings and select “Migrate computername”

Step 4 : Run Tranguid.exe and save the SMScfg.ini file in the old computer names folder witch contain the current SMS Guid  to a network share

Step 5 : Request a release state

Step 6 : Reboot in Winpe 2.0

Step 7 : Format the disk

Step 8 : Deploy the fat image without sysprep.inf

Step 9 : Install and configure the SCCM Client

Step 10 : Copy the SMScfg.ini from the networkfolder to the %windir%

Step 11 : Request the state store

Step 12 : Restore the user state to the new machine

Step 13 : Rename the computer account to the new name with netdom

Step 14 : Reboot

step 15 : Upgrade finished


Building the task sequence it is looking like this :


The problem I am experiencing now is the problem to make my “map network drive” flexible and use the local Distribution point as a variable to connect to the sharename.All the rest running into production.

Hope it makes sense ,

Kenny buntinx

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