Using Task Sequence Variables to customize deployments by Ronni Pedersen

July 10, 2008 at 7:53 pm in ConfigMgr 2007, SCCM 2007 by Kenny Buntinx [MVP]

Hey Guys ,

Got this from Ronni Pedersen blog  and look very handy for people dealing with different keyboard/regional settings in a country like belgium.


Living in a non-english speaking country like Denmark, I often have to deal with deploying English versions of Windows XP and/or Windows Vista, with other Regional Settings, Keyboard Settings, Time Zones etc.

In the past I’ve created a VBScript to modify the sysprep.inf or the unattend.xml, after laying down the image on the client. The values were configured with Collection Variables or Computer Variables. The script collected the value during deployment, and replaced the value in the sysprep.inf or unattend.xml file before restarting into mini setup.

This year at TechEd in Orlando, I attened a great session on Windows Deployment with Configuration Manager (Part 1 of 4) with Michael Kelly. In this session he showed a demo, where he created a custom variable (“XRes” and “YRes”), and typed the variable direct in sysprep.inf like this:


This was a simple example, but it gave me a lot of ideas to work with. And as a result of this, I no longer need my “fancy” script to take care of my deployments anymore. This is how I do it now (example):

For my Windows XP deployments I’ve created a sysprep.inf that looks like this:
(This can also be done with Windows Vista deployments, but you’ll need to use the unattend.xml and the format should be in XML).


The sysprep.inf file should be place in a package in order to use it from the task sequence.

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