MVP Enterprise Mobility – Hackathon

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Hi All,

Just back from the MVP Summit.

This was a blast for sure and unfortuantely not much to share because of the NDA rules.

But something I can talk about was the Hackathon we have did.

This was the first time the Hackathon got organized for us Enterprise Mobility MVPs and this was REALLY cool.

So what is this all about?

We could submit upfront some ideas and features that we wanted to see in Configuration Manager.

The Product Group shortlisted a couple of them and assigned some DEV people to each feature request.

We as MVPs could join a group and play to Product Manager during the week to discuss with the DEV people how these features should look like in detail.

This was such a great experience to understand how PMs and DEVs collaborate and how ideas get translated in real features!

At the end of the week, we had to present the first piece of the code and demonstrate the features.

List of Hackathon ideas:

Active Client Info

– Realtime Online \ Offline client activity

– Get insights to which MP \ SUP \ DP a client is connected

– Right mouse click capabilities using the fast Notificiation Channel


Custom Wizards

– Wouldn’t it be great to customize wizards, create a kind of wizard templates?

custom wizard

Server & Client Patching

– Find a way to exclude an update directly from the console

– Remove an update from the Deployment Groups, so the update will be removed automatically

exclude update

Alternate UPN

-Using an Alternate UPN for Intune is highly demanded, so let’s do this!

Better Intune troubleshooting

-Get better in-console troubleshooting logging regarding the Intune Connector and configuration

intune troubleshooting

Compliancy Management and Powershell

-create CMDLets that enable the definition of settings and rules

Online Admin User communication

– real-time, customizable, not-ignorable,… admin-user communication

custom notification

Support of Azure Remote App

-Create a deployment type for Azure Remote App


Nested Task Sequences

– One Instance the TS Engine can process different Task Sequences

nested ts


And the winners are!

1. Active Client info (very coincidently I was part of this :-) together with Garth Jones and Panu Saukko)

2. Online Admin User Communication

3. Support of Azure Remote App


Just to make sure, this does not mean that all these feature will appear in future releases. I was just a nice exercise on how new stuff can be developed.

It might be that some features appear in next releases, it might be that you see none of them.

Can you influence if you want them in the product? Yes you can,go to UserVoice and vote them up!

Hope you like it!

Till next time!