Configuration Manager \ Intune: “Could not enable extension”

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Hi All,

As most of you have probably seen there is a new Extension available to offer iOS 9 support in ConfigMgr.

I noticed that I had some problems to enable this extension in one of my test environments.


Typical troubleshooting files regarding Extensions did not show much:

AdminUI.ExtensionInstaller.log: doesn’t say anything

FeatureExtensionInstaller.log: does not exist yet

SmsAdminUI.log: doesn’t say anything

When looking into the database about some details of the extensions thru this query:

select L.Name, F.FeatureID, F.StateID,S.FeatureStateName,F.Flag, F.Error from MDMCFDFeature F join CFDLocalizedMetaData L on F.FeatureID=L.FeatureID join CFDFeatureState S on F.StateID=S.FeatureStateID where L.LocaleID=1033

I noticed the following:


When clicking on the URL I saw that I was missing the latest CU in this environment… DEUH


So if you see a similar issue with Extensions make sure your environment is up-to-date.

Till next time!