Azure RMS Client acting strange…?

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Hi All,

I had a customer who was complaining about his Azure RMS client was not able anymore to share documents outside the company.

Also the Azure RMS client itself did not show the expected interface as some check boxes were missing.

Issue #1

Warning, that no documents can be shared outside the company. This message appears each time entering a UPN other than the one of the company.


Issue #2

Normally you are supposed to see 3 check boxes instead of only one.


So what is going on?

After some investigation it appeared that someone brought online the old AD RMS.

As you might know coexistance of Azure RMS and AD RMS are not supported.

This sounds logic as otherwise the Azure RMS client is getting confused not knowing which templates (Azure or non-Azure) it needs to choose.

Knowing this it explains the first issue.

The second issue was also related to the AD RMS. It’s interesting to see how the Azure RMS client adapts the interface as soon an OnPrem AD RMS is discovered. These two checkboxes are missing:

– “Email me when someone tries to open these documents”

– “Allow me to instantly revoke access to these documents”

Again logic as these features are not working with AD RMS OnPrem.

So if you see this behaviour… red alert! You have AD RMS around! :-)

Till next time.

Nico Sienaert

MVP Small