Windows 10 Azure Domain Join

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Hi All,

Next month I’m presenting for Microsoft a TechNet webcast about Windows 10.

You can registere here:

As a kind of teaser for this webcast I wrote this blog talking about Azure Domain Join in Windows 10.

Azure Domain Join is the possibility to “domain join” via the cloud.

You have an out-of-the-box experience when you boot the machine for the first time, this can be interesting in CYOD scenarios more on that in the webcast.

Let’s focus for now on Azure Domain Join in the GUI of a running Windows 10 machine.

I assume you have Azure AD up and running? The only thing you need to pay attention to is that “Device Registration” is enabled into your Azure Directory.


Now on the Windows 10 device go to Settings \ System \ About and click “Connect to Cloud”


Information dialog…  as you can see I do suffer a bit with the screen size as I don’t see my “next” button, it’s a Preview right!


I need to enter my Azure AD credentials, notice as I have Azure AD Premium enabled my Branding shows up. Cool!


I have enabled Azure MFA within Azure AD Premium, so I enter PIN that I receive via SMS.


After that I can see that I’m joined!


Now I can log off and sign in with my AD Credentials. You notice that my logon server is “AzureAD”


Back to Azure AD I can find my registered device back.


Best place to troubleshoot is the Event Viewer where you can find the most relevant logs under “User Device Registration”


So why do we all do this?

Well as you could see my device is now registered into Azure AD so as from now I can set some Conditional Access rules as I do know the device.

If you want more, you know what to do! See you at the webinar!