Microsoft Intune Mobile Application Management

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Containerization is one of the typical terms that are coming back all the time when talking about Mobile Device Management.

Competitors of Microsoft are working with these typical containers where they collect all Corporate Data and Applications into a separate container.

A user has to log into that container and needs to work as from there with for instance email container apps.

This is typically not a very nice experience and that’s why Microsoft has another vision on that. With Intune you will not see that typical container approach. What Microsoft will do is building that “Containerization” intelligence directly in their products.

Coincidently Microsoft Office is one of the most used piece of Software on the world, so by adding this intelligence into the Suite Microsoft is covering already quite some scenarios.

This is also aligned with Microsoft’s strategy to deliver Office to iOS and Android.

Further they have also released Secured Browsers (my next blog), AVI Players and PDF Readers.

OK so let’s have a look how this works as this new feature is added in the latest December release.

Microsoft Intune Console:

If you go to “Policies” you will see new Software Templates


If you select one for iOS you can configure the typical MAM settings like Data Relocation and Access behavior.


Once you created such a policy you will see that these kind of policies differ from other policies. You cannot really deploy the polices directly, you need to link them to a managed Application.


So let’s create a Deep Link to the iOS store, in this case to Microsoft Word and link the appropriate policy.


Now deploy the policy to the user or device of your choice.

The experience:

If you open your Self-Service Portal on an iOS after the December release you will see the following message.

An update of your SSP will be installed (you don’t need to do anything for this) to make sure you have the latest bits and bytes regarding MAM.

Photo 17-12-14 15 45 22  Photo 17-12-14 15 46 01

Also notice the new Sync button, to force a policy lookup.

Photo 17-12-14 16 00 45

As explained before I have deployed Word (with the policy linked to it), so let’s install it.

Photo 17-12-14 16 04 54

Thanks to my policy Word gets considered as a Managed App where I decided to use a PIN

Photo 17-12-14 16 12 10

Let’s open a document and try to copy\paste some text…

Photo 17-12-14 16 14 27

… to an Application outside the Office Suite

Photo 17-12-14 16 13 58

That is not working as expected. Let’s Paste it now into Excel…

Photo 17-12-14 16 46 07

That works!


This is again a major feature released into the service to control your corporate data. If you extend this with Azure RMS (part of the Enterprise Mobility Suite) you have a high enterprise-grade security solution delivered by One Vendor, Microsoft.

If you look into competitors you will end-up in a multiple vendor-approach.

Till next time!

Nico Sienaert (@nsienaert)