Required install of iOS Store Apps

December 1, 2014 at 8:24 am in Uncategorized by nsienaert


Hi All,

Hereby another post where we discover a new Microsoft Intune capability.

One of these new features in the November release is the possibility to create a Required Deployment for iOS Store Apps.

Store Apps were already supported in the past but only by making them “Available” meaning provision them via the Self-Service Portal.

This is also called “deep-links”, supported for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

In the Intune console (Standalone-mode) you will see a new “Deployment Type” called, “Managed iOS App from the App Store”.

Today the “Required” part is not supported for Android and WP yet.

But it’s clear that Microsoft will introduce a lot of new capabilities with the new Store that will ship with Windows 10 so certainly more to come.

Before we have look into the experience, just note that this feature only works for FREE apps from the Apple Store AND an Apple ID is still required to start the installation.

Let’s have a look.

Start the “Add Software” wizard and select the new Deployment Type which we have discussed before.

Copy \ Paste the URL of your App and finish the wizard.


Start the “Manage Deployment” wizard and mark the deployment as a “Required Install”.


Within a few minutes you will see the following on your iOS device.

Lock Screen:


The typical Information Message + a pop-up to enter the password of your Apple ID.


So in case you have some favorite Store Apps that you want to provision to your users you have now the capability to push the installation instead of making it available in the Self-Service Portal.

Till next time!

Nico Sienaert (@nsienaert)