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Remote Lock and Pin Reset on Windows Phone

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Hi All,

One of the many new features released this month in Microsoft Intune is support for Remote Lock & Pin Reset on Windows Phone.

In some scenarios this might be interesting to consider before you initiate a wipe and give the user a chance to find his device back.

Another applicable scenario is of course when the user has forgotten his PIN which makes the device inaccessible.

This feature was already supported for iOS and Android in the earlier release, the user experience differs a bit from platform though.

For iOS you can clear the PIN but there is no auto-create of a temporary PIN. With Android a temporary PIN gets created.

Let’s have a look what the experience is with Windows Phone.

Initiate a Pin Reset on the Windows Phone:


In Remote Tasks the process can be monitored


Experience on the device


Look up the temporary Temp Pin in the console


If the user does not change his password the screen will lock again depending on the time frame you have set in your MDM policy.
If that happens the user needs to enter again the temporary password. The temporary password stays valid until the user has changed his password.

A user needs to navigate manually to the “Lock Screen” area to change his password. Jumping automatically to the Lock Screen window once the temporary password has been added could be a possible improvement.

WP  wp1

Another interesting security feature enabled on Windows Phone!

Till next time!

Nico Sienaert (@nsienaert)



Windows Updates node not available in Windows Intune Admin Console

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Hi All,

Under the moto, “not all blog posts must be long to be useful” :-)

As you know Microsoft released last week new Windows Intune features. Together with this new release a new layout of the Admin Console was released as well.

When starting the new Admin Console you might see that configuration options you would expect are not visible.

The idea of the Product Team is. “We only show what is relevant”

An example of this is Windows Updates. In the screenshot below you can see that the Configuration Tile \ Node is not available.

Windows Intune 1

The reason for this is that my tenant is not configured for PC Management yet. Windows Updates is a “PC thing” right, not Mobile Devices.

So once I have enrolled a PC into my Intune Service, I will see that my Admin Console is adjusting.

Windows Intune 2

Till next time!

Nico Sienaert (@nsienaert)