Configuration Manager: Windows Intune Console Extensions in action

February 8, 2014 at 9:26 am in Uncategorized by nsienaert


Hi All,

Recently Brad Anderson announced some important changes in Windows Intune and Configuration Manager.

As a cloud service Intune is able to provide quickly new features without the need of upgrading your environment.

Typically each 6 months Intune released some updates and new features. To even accelerate this pace the Product Team introduced Windows Intune Console Exentsions in Configuration Manager 2012 R2. Well this week the first Console Extensions arrived.

Let’s elaborate on the look and feel:

If you open your console you will see a message that new Console Extensions are available for you.


Now you can decide to enable them, also a short description is provided.


You accept the UELA


Close now your console and open the console again with “Run as Administrator”

ConfigMgr will inform you now that it will download the extensions that you have enabled.


A download progress bar is showed.


Once the download is finished, the console will open and you can start to discover the new add-ins.

Ex.: Email Profiles


Ex.: New iOS Settings


This is such a great improvement to have quickly all these new and future settings available!

Happy Mobile Device Management!

Till next time!

Nico Sienaert

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