Deleting Applications in ConfigMgr 2012 – a hard knock life

May 6, 2013 at 9:37 am in Uncategorized by nsienaert


Hi All,

If you have worked with the new App Model in ConfigMgr 2012 you might have noticed the following already.
It can be a pain to delete applications.

Long story short, you cannot delete any application as long that particular App has references to other Apps.


Typical a message you get when ConfigMgr is not able to delete an Application:


Sounds logic, but it might take some time before you figure out some stuff.

The required steps, that you need to take:

– Retire the App

– Delete involved Deployments

– Remove References to other Deployments

– Delete all its revisions

On top of this procedure (and you better respect the order) some tricky scenarios can pop-up.

The following I discovered recently:

IF you rename an application, the revision level of the application increases. If you try to delete later on an app that is depending on it, you will not see the new name of the app that you need to clean up the revision levels on, instead you will see the old name of the app. So pay some attention here.

The story becomes more complicated if there is also bug in the chain like with ConfigMgr SP1 CU1:

For instance,

If you create an App with 2 DT’s making DT1 depending on DT2.

Next you retire the App, Delete DT1 and delete all revisions besides the latest one

Reinstate the App and try to delete DT2, it will pop-up telling you that it refers to DT1 which does not exist anymore.
So currently there is no way to delete an Application in such scenario.

This is already reported so if you encounter this, please be patient.

Till next time!

Nico Sienaert

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