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Enroll and Deploy Apps to WP8 and Windows RT with ConfigMgr/Intune

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Hi all,

In my previous blog I showed you the user experience regarding iOS management with ConfigMigr\Intune.

So what do you need to manage WP8 and RT?

You need a Subscription ID on the Windows Dev center. With that ID you can request a Mobile Device Signing Certificate a Symantec.

To Enroll WP8, you need to upload the Company Portal that you can download from the Microsoft website.

This Portal you need to sign with the certificate from Symantec and as from now you can upload the App into ConfigMgr.

BTW Signing tools are part of the Windows Phone SDK.

I added an WP8 App (*.XAP) and signed it as well with Cert from Symantec.


Once that is done you need to specify some Intune Settings in ConfigMgr.


As from now you can enroll your devices.

Go to your WP8 device, log on with your Intune or AD credentials (depending if you have AD FS enabled) and install the “Company Hub”.

As from now your device is enrolled and manageable.


When opening the portal the user can access his Apps.


Also, Settings are coming in. Configured Compliancy Settings in ConfigMgr (similar like iOS)


Now let me show the User Experience on Windows RT.

The way to configure is completely the same as with WP8. You need to link the Cert in ConfigMgr and you need to sign your Apps.

On the RT device, search after “Company Applications”, to enroll your device.


Once that’s done you will have your Company Portal installed


As from now you can access your Apps and also devices.

Note that I can see all my devices that are linked to my UserID (in this case iPhone, WP8 and Windows RT).

As from here for instance I can remote wipe a device in the event I lost one.


That’s all for now. Till next time!


Nico Sienaert

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Deploy iOS App via ConfigMgr\Windows Intune

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Hi All,

As you might have heard since ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 we are able to manage Mobile Device like iOS, WP8, Windows RT and Android via an Intune Connector.

I’m not gonna explain how you have to set up the Intune interopability, colleague v-TSP Steve Beaumont is doing that for you.

Let me just show the experience how you can deploy an iOS App.

First of all we need to add the application in ConfigMgr, the required files are IPA (the app) and PLIST (a manifest file)


Once that is done, it’s time to deploy the Application


It’s important you choose here the collection you selected for enablement in the Windows Intune Subscription Wizard.


Distribute the App to Windows Intune (Azure) DP.

And that’s all!

Let’s go to the device….

Open the Portal, select the device, Approve you want to install and you are done.

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Till next time!

Nico Sienaert

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