Configuration Manager 2012 SP1: Windows 8 Deep-Link Issue

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Hi All!

One of the new deployment types within Service Pack 1 is deploying a Windows Application from the Windows App Store, also called deep link.


The way how it works is that you have to point to a Windows 8 machine where the App is already installed. When pointing to the App, ConfigMgr can determine the deep link URL of the application.

In fact ConfigMgr just specifies the command line, there are no source files for this deployment type. When deploying such an application ConfigMgr will only point to the URL within the Windows Store.

The issue that I encountered was that I could not connect to my Windows 8 clients. I always received the following error.


After spending some time I was able to solve this by configuring the inbound firewall rules of the Windows Remote Management.

One way to this, is executing following command:

 winrm quickconfig (make sure you have an elevated command prompt)

As from now you can see the list of all Windows 8 Apps that are installed on the machine.


Let’s take the Wiki App for the sake of demo.

As you can see, the content of the Application is just the URL Link to the Windows Store, so no installation files.


So what is the user experience when we deploy such an App?

I made this available to all my Windows 8 machines, so I have to look in Software Center.


Once you hit the “Install” button and the Windows Store will open and redirect you to the correct install page (URL)


Important to realize is that the user will need to hit the Install button within the Windows Store and provide his Live ID.

What happens if you deploy this as a “required” deployment?

Well, as soon the policy arrives, the App Store will open automatically but the user still needs to hit the Install button and enter his Live ID.

So yes, when you want to use this Deployment Type within your environment there is the requirement that all your targeted users have their own Live ID.

If you want to learn more about new stuff in Service Pack 1, don’t forget to register for the following TechNet Livemeeting:

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Nico Sienaert

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