Why upgrade to Windows 7?

August 17, 2011 at 7:38 am in Uncategorized by nsienaert


Hi there!

I would like to start the discussion.

I see a lot of customers still running Windows XP and finally the most of them are thinking to migrate to Windows 7. But is it still worth?

Here are my thoughts…

  • Support of XP is guaranteed till 2014, following my XP Gadget I have installed Knipogende emoticon still 965 days as we speak.
  • Windows 8 is expected somewhere in 2012.
  • Microsoft guarantees in their first Team Blog that each software and hardware that works with Windows 7, will work with Windows 8.

In theory a company can start today with its AppCompat Envisioning and Remediation on Windows 7 to make sure the all Applications are working properly with Windows 7 (and 8).

So once Windows 8 is out they can migrate right away.

Three constraints so far:

  • The customer is willing to be an Early Adopter.
  • A Management Tool needs to be available to administer and deploy Windows 8. (I expect SCCM 2012 will support Windows 8)
  • A tool supports the migration of user data from XP to Windows 8 (USMT?)

What are your thoughts?

Nico Sienaert