Microsoft Deployment Manager

July 27, 2011 at 12:05 pm in Uncategorized by nsienaert

Hi there!

At the latest MMS Microsoft announced a new project regarding OS Deployment called Deployment Manager (DM) .

DM is an OS Deployment process management Pack for System Center Service Manager.

DM will provide deployment readiness forecasting, standardized processes and project management tooling.

So just to be clear, it’s not another version of MDT, it’s complimentary to MDT, you could consider it that MD is another layer in the Deployment stack.



Why Deployment Manager?

  • How do I plan my Deployment Project?
  • What hardware needs to be replaced?
  • Are my Applications compatible?
  • How do I make sure users get what they need?
  • How do I manage the schedule of the deployments?

DM will keep keep track and answer these kind of questions for you.

DM will collect all necessary data that is required to guarantee a successfull end-to-end OS Deployment migration project.

For instance DM will keep track of:

  • Application Readiness
  • Driver Readiness
  • OS Configurations
  • User Details (for instance are they eductated to work with W7 & Office 2010)

Taking into account all these dependencies and align them with each other, DM will be able to detect which machines are ready to deploy.

Why an integration with Service Manager and not with Configuration Manager?

Configuration Manager does not really focus on process workflows.
For instance in the scenario where an application is not compatible with Windows 7, you can assign with Service Manager an application owner to remediate the application. Once that is done we can approve the fix with Service Manager and build a complete Change & Release management flow.

Of course Configuration Manager is stronly linked to it as inventory data is coming from ConfigMgr and ConfigMgr will be the tool that executes the OS Deployments or that will provision applications.



A preview release is expected by the end of the summer and the final release will be released early next year. To goal is to align with the Service Manager R2 Release.

Till next Time!

Nico Sienaert