Configuration Manager P2V Migration Toolkit – Part 1

June 14, 2011 at 8:04 pm in Uncategorized by nsienaert

Hi There!

The ConfigMgr Product Team is developing a tool to migrate your ConfigMgr07 Site server on remote sites with limited on-site support. The P2V Migration Toolkit is currently in CTP release since the end of March.

As ConfigMgr07 only can migrated side-by-side to ConfigMgr12 a second server needs to be available or a virtualization solution can help you out. And that ‘s what this toolkit is all about.
Virtualizing the ConfigMgr07 Site Server so you can install the new ConfigMgr12 Site Server on that same server next to the virtualized ConfigMgr07 Site.

Sounds maybe complicated, but in fact it isn’t, so lets have a look.

Install the Toolkit on your Central Server. You probably haven’t installed the Desktop Experience feature on your machine. If not, the Toolkit will ask you to do so.


Once you have installed this feature, a reboot (!) is required.

Install the Toolkit…

Once installed, open the application with “Run as Administrator”.


On the left you will notice that you can select 3 wizards.

– Create a task sequence: This will create the VHD, copy the VHD to a network drive,     Reinstall the machine, enable the Hyper-v Role and mount the VHD. –> Make sure that the hardware is x64 compatible!

– Create Standalone Task Sequence media: This will create the media that will install the task sequence

– Create a Windows PE boot Image

On the right you can see the 4 necessary steps you have to accomplish with the help files attached.

– Create the Task Sequence

– Create Standalone media

– Boot off the Standalone media

– Run the Task Sequence (an LTI wizard will kick off the process. Fill in the domain, path to save the VHD, specifiy computername,… will be required steps)

If you select one of the wizards the toolkit will connect to the Site Server.


When creating the task sequence a simple wizard needs to be executed. Specify the ConfigMgr Client Package, specify the Image Package (Server 2008 R2 capture WIM file), a virtualization package (the wizard will create this for you) and you can also specify additional packages\applications that you like to have installed during the Task Sequence process. 


Once the wizard is finished, the task sequence gets created together with the Virtualization package. The content of this package are all the necessary files to cover the virtualizaton part.

Note that no program is created for this virtualizaton package. Make sure you distribute this new package to the appropriate DP.


If we open the Task Sequence we see a bunch of steps that are added automatically. Also a lot of variables are used which we will declare during the wizard when starting the Task Sequence. So actually, despite of maybe so minimal customizations this is ready to use!


Now it’s time to create the bootable media (CD, DVD or USB Flash Drive) that we will send to the remote branch.

Again a simple wizard needs to be accomplished. Select the x64 boot image with the correct NIC and storage drivers included and select the new Task Sequence.

For the sake of demo I have created an ISO that I will burn on a DVD. I’ll send it now with a courrier to the other side of my lab… Knipogende emoticon


In the next part we will boot from the media and see how this ConfigMgr07 server gets virtualized.

Till next time!

Nico Sienaert (twitter: nsienaert)