Pre-Deploy Applications

May 23, 2011 at 10:35 am in Uncategorized by nsienaert

Hi There!

In this post I will talk about pre-deployment of applications.

Quite some customers are asking me to make sure that all user-dependent applications are getting installed during an OSD scenario before the user logs on.

With CM2012 this becomes more easy to do as we can link a user to a device. In one of my previous posts I explained how you can link a user during a task sequence.

Once that is done you should take care of the following.

In my scenario I want that Firefox gets installed on each primary device. I deployed to a collection which is linked to an AD User Group.

I will make sure that there is a requirement set that will install the app when the Primary Device = True


I will make sure the App gets installed with or without user log on.


When I deploy I make sure that the application will be required. Once I do that a new checkbox becomes available: "Deploy automatically according to schedule with or without user login".

I select this check box…


So now in my OSD scenario, the application will install after the client is registered and the client receives the policy for the application.

The client typically will receive policies right after registration success. Once the policy is received, it will be evaluated and if the install deadline is hit, the application will be installed. If you use default settings on scheduling page of the deploy software wizard, then it is as soon as possible. Otherwise it is the time that you specify.

TIP: Use Client Local Time


Till next Time!

Nico (twitter: @nsienaert)