SCE 2010 Resource Kit

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Hey All,

Last week the System Center Essentials 2010 Resource Kit has been published for download.  You can find it here:

So I downloaded the x64 edition and installed it on my management server.

The installation is pretty straightforward:





After the installation, a new item is created in the start menu called system center essentials 2010 resource kit readme.

So here is what you can expect from the resource kit:

Computer Group Repair Tool

This tool will identify and repair broken relationships between SCE computer groups and WSUS computer groups.

The executable to run is LinkDG.exe and can be found under %programfiles%\System Center Essentials (note: CMD run as administrator!)


Essentials Server Cleanup Tool

When you need to cleanup an old installation after a failure or whatever the reason would be, it used to be pretty annoying to clean-up all ‘leftovers’ of SCE.  With this tool, all leftovers will be removed automatically.

%programfiles%\System Center Essentials Resource Kit and SCECleanUp.exe is the tool you can use

Essentials Server Migration Advisor

This tool will help you in migration your essentials install to another server or recover an essentials server from a backup.  Note that the location of the tool is not in the readme file (forgotten?) but you can find it under the %programfiles%\System Center Essentials directory and it is called MigrationAdvisor.exe



Maintenance Mode Management Pack

This tool will make it easy for you to create maintenance mode schedules.  This can be extremely handy when you restart servers during the weekend or nights for whatever reason.

The name is ScheduleMaintenanceMode.exe and can be found under the %programfiles%\System Center Essentials location.



Published Software Certificate Update Tool

This is a nice one.  This tool will remove the existing publishing certificate and recreate the rules for all managed computers.  It will also resign all locally published content with this new certificate. 

Since I upgraded from SCE 2007 to SCE 2010, and I needed to recreate all my packages that were build in SCE 2007 because they were signed with the old certificate, from before the upgrade, this is the tool I could use immediately.

Find it under %programfiles%\System Center Essentials and UpdatePublisherCert.exe


The first time I had an error


The error stated 2147942403 which I had no idea what it could mean.  After some research I found out that in the Essentials console I still had a reference to a package that was already deleted from disk.  After removing that one, I succeeded in the job


Setup Log Parser

this tool will provide you with an easier to read format for the installation log files of SCE.


You can find it under %programfiles%\System Center Essentials and SetupLogParser.exe