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MMS 2010: Monday overview

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Hey All,

First day of MMS is over, it’s now way too early (still suffering from a jetlag after the crazy roadtrip) but I’m very glad I did it because I already saw some great stuff.

Here’s an overview…

Session: Data Warehouse and Reporting in System Center Service Manager 2010

This was an Instructor Led Lab (ILL) which was great to do.  In about 1 hour and 15 minutes, we got a nice overview of the data warehouse and reporting capabilities of the product.  And I’m not talking about the out-of-the box reports, I’m also talking about creating your own reports through excel or sql report builder.  It is clear that they really made a great effort in providing the possibility of creating or customizing your own reports.  Very cool. 

Session: Conquering the Summit: A Freshmen Orientation

It is my first year here, so I thought this would be a great sessions to see what is happening and what we can do…

The answer: There is way to much and after this session, I even found it more difficult to create my schedule.  :-) Luckily for me, I’m here at the summit with some experienced guys and they help me a lot. 

Session: : Incident and change management in Service Manager

Again an ILL which failed completely because the virtual images weren’t workable.  However, what I did learn was that SCSM is really build to customize it for your needs.  Designing a workflow for specific situations isn’t really that hard.  It only requires that you have a good workflow in advance :-). I’m not going to discuss a lot about SCSM here, because our fellow SCUG member Kurt can do this much better 😉

Session: Configuration Manager Dashboard

Heard a lot about it, didn’t see it live in action so I figured, now is my change.  I must say, I’m impressed.  It’s free, it’s easy and out-of-the box it delivers great reports.  If you are using SCCM, just install it and use it.  It’s great.

They showed us the configuration manager dashboard for SCCM for internal IT at Microsoft.  Pretty impressive figures over there, and great reporting from the dashboard.  This is the kind of dashboard that every boss wants from you.

Session: System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 – Advanced Concepts

Another ILL (yep, was very busy yesterday :-)).  A little bit disappointed in this one, but that was because I thought the technical level was a bit low.  I figured, Advanced Concepts would be more in depth…

Expo and Reception

If you ever want to see 4000 people rush to one booth to get a MyITForum badge (which is an entrance ticket to the MyITForum party) then you have to come to MMS.  I didn’t got one (still have a change in some drawing today but what are the changes…) but I couldn’t help looking from a distance and enjoying myself with all those people that were trying to get a badge.  It was awesome :-)

The reception itself was good (there was beer… unlimited, just no Belgium beer :-( ) good food and a lot of gadgets to get from the different vendors.  (I packed light but I fear I will return heavy :-))

Only downside to yesterday was that it was very difficult to discuss things with the vendors because of the crowd and noise (and maybe also because of the beers :-))

I’m certainly going to stop a few times more over there when it is less crowdy.

Had one great conversation though… Spoke to the authors of the VMM and SCSM documentation.  Great people, had interesting stuff to say and are very keen to listen to the users.

Final notes

Buzz of the day, SCE 2010 and DPM 2010 got RTM-ed

And finally check out


Till next



MMS 2010: The roadtrip

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As many of you heard, the ash cloud because of the volcano eruption in Iceland is giving a lot of European travelers to MMS 2010 in Las Vegas problems.  Many of us will not make it and others will arrive late.

Thanks to our operations coordinator, I succeeded in finding another flight, but I have to get to Madrid to take that flight.  This means that I have a 1600 KM (1050 miles) drive coming up just to get to the airport of Madrid.  Luckily, my colleagues Arne Peleman and Kenny Buntinckx (SCCM MVP) will be joining me for the drive. But still, I’m not looking forward to the long drive.

This means that we will be a little more then 48 hours on the road (plain + drive) just to get to Las Vegas.  I’ll be a mess when I arrive there. 

You might wonder why we are so crazy to do this.  Well, the answer is simple… MMS 2010 is THE summit for everyone that has to deal with IT management in all its forms.  Whether it is operational, technical, implementation wise or architecting, designing.  Also the people who write out the processes are going to have all the information they need over there.  All the product teams and MVP’s in the system center suite will be there.  It is that moment of the year where we will  be discussing the future of management, the newest solutions and the best practices with all the system center specialists from the entire world.

And for that reason, we are doing this crazy trip to Madrid.

And for that reason, it will be terrible that many of the European specialists won’t be there…

So if all goes well, I’ll be Sunday, around midnight Las Vegas time, in my hotel.

So for those who are going to be there… See you then

For those who are not going to make it… I’m really sorry and hope that you can follow as much as possible through webcasts, blogs and so on…