Alert: Windows 2000 DNS WMI provider not installed

1:33 pm in Uncategorized by mikeresseler

In the Alert description, I read the following:

Windows 2000 DNS WMI Provider not installed. The Windows 2000 DNS WMI Provider must be installed on to be fully managed by MOM. Obtain the DNS WMI Provider for Windows 2000 from the Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit, or from the following location:

So I figured, let’s listen for once 😉 and try this out.  I downloaded the package and extracted it on the harddrive of that server.

According to the instructions that came with the package, I had to do the following:

1. Copy dnsschema.mof and dnsprov.dll to <winntdir>\system32\wbem.
2. Run "mofcomp dnsschema.mof" to register the class information.
3. Run "regsvr32 dnsprov.dll" to register the dll.

After doing this, the alert didn’t go automatically away.  After checking the properties of the monitor, I saw that this wasn’t a auto-resolve one so I closed it and after waiting for more then 24 hours, I can confirm that it didn’t return 😉