SCE 2007: Agent deployment issues

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Hey All,

Today I was with a customer and they told me that the system administrators weren’t able to deploy an agent to a certain workstation.  This workstation was just deployed clean with MDT.

The error they got is the following:

The MOM Server could not start the MOMAgentInstaller service on computer <computername> in time

Also, I received error 80070102.

Since I never saw this error, and the logs didn’t really told me a lot, except somewhere in the installation log file that the firewall exceptions couldn’t be made.

This was quite strange since I deployed the firewall exceptions through GPO (it is not only for SCE so I used 1 GPO for all firewall exceptions).

So I started surfing on the net for solutions.

Not much info there, but finally I came across a blog post from Kevin Holman

Ok, since this was one isolated case, I could have gone to the user and installed it manually, as many people advised on the internet, but since I’m quite lazy I didn’t feel like it.

According to Kevin, and I quote:

Sometimes – the Windows Firewall service – even if disabled – will have a stuck rule. Run: (netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name=”MOM Agent Installer Service”)

So I fired up psexec from my workstation and checked if this could be true.  And yes, there was a rule that called Mom Agent Installer Service.

Since the program wasn’t installed, it was not necessary so I used the command to delete the rule.

Tried the remote installation again, and it worked.

Thanks Kevin :-) I didn’t had to leave my chair today