Suffering with System Center and SQL? Not any more

February 12, 2014 at 3:05 pm in SQL, System Center by mikeresseler

If you ever worked with system center then you probably know this problem. What SQL server version, hotfix, service pack or rollup will I use? If you are only installing one component, then it is normally not a big problem. Browse to the TechNet articles and see what is supported. But what if you want to use multiple components? Or you have a running Always On SQL instance that you need to reuse?

At that time, it becomes a bit more difficult. Finding out if your installation (or installation that you want to do…) is supported by all components can be a very difficult task and very time-consuming.

Solution? MVP’s to the rescue:

Led by Paul Keeley and input from Robert Hedblom and Pete Zerger they created a whopping 200 page document that not only will give you the details on supportability but also gives you information on High Availability, SQL on Azure and much more to support your System Center installations.

You can find the guide here: