Building demo’s quickly

7:38 am in Demo, Hydration, POC, System Center by mikeresseler

Many people ask me how much time I spent in building demo environments, proof of concepts and so on.  Since I do quite some presentations and build courseware, I’m always in the need of specific demo environments.  One thing is certain, I do not rebuild an entire domain every time again and again… At least not manually.

For the most of my environments, I use scripts and unattended installs to build the environments.  This allows me to start installing a base environment in the evening and wake-up to a shiny new infrastructure

However, I’m a backup guy so all this scripting and deployment would take me a huge amount of time.  So here is the biggest “secret”.  I use tools from the community.

And one tool is the hydration kit created by Mikael Nystrom.  This guy is an amazing IT professional that gives me the scripts necessary to focus on my real work and not on installing all the systems over and over again.

And the best?  It is for free, and it works!

Today, version 3 is out of the hydration kit. 

This version allows you to Windows Server 2012 as Domain Controller, Member Server, Fileserver, Print Server, Remote Desktop Server, Web Server, Connection Broker, Generic Member Server, and Remote Access – Direct Access Server.  It also allows you to deploy Windows 7 and Windows 8 with or without Office as member of the domain, system center servers and SQL servers.

For more information and to download the information visit and follow Mikael on twitter @mikael_nystrom