MMS 2010: The roadtrip

April 17, 2010 at 6:47 am in Uncategorized by mikeresseler

As many of you heard, the ash cloud because of the volcano eruption in Iceland is giving a lot of European travelers to MMS 2010 in Las Vegas problems.  Many of us will not make it and others will arrive late.

Thanks to our operations coordinator, I succeeded in finding another flight, but I have to get to Madrid to take that flight.  This means that I have a 1600 KM (1050 miles) drive coming up just to get to the airport of Madrid.  Luckily, my colleagues Arne Peleman and Kenny Buntinckx (SCCM MVP) will be joining me for the drive. But still, I’m not looking forward to the long drive.

This means that we will be a little more then 48 hours on the road (plain + drive) just to get to Las Vegas.  I’ll be a mess when I arrive there. 

You might wonder why we are so crazy to do this.  Well, the answer is simple… MMS 2010 is THE summit for everyone that has to deal with IT management in all its forms.  Whether it is operational, technical, implementation wise or architecting, designing.  Also the people who write out the processes are going to have all the information they need over there.  All the product teams and MVP’s in the system center suite will be there.  It is that moment of the year where we will  be discussing the future of management, the newest solutions and the best practices with all the system center specialists from the entire world.

And for that reason, we are doing this crazy trip to Madrid.

And for that reason, it will be terrible that many of the European specialists won’t be there…

So if all goes well, I’ll be Sunday, around midnight Las Vegas time, in my hotel.

So for those who are going to be there… See you then

For those who are not going to make it… I’m really sorry and hope that you can follow as much as possible through webcasts, blogs and so on…