System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 – SQL End-user Recovery

December 2, 2009 at 9:57 am in Uncategorized by mikeresseler

Hey All,

While reading up on the different blogs I follow, I found this interesting post from Anders Bengtsson, Microsoft MVP.

It’s all about SQL End-user Recovery.   In DPM 2010, it is possible to give SQL Administrators the rights to recover their databases without the need for a backup administrator.

See the article for the technical specifications (

The end-user recovery drew my attention for the following reasons:

– End-user recovery makes the live of a backup administrator more easy.  In 2007, when we implement the end-user recovery for files for users, we notice every time again, that the backup administrators are having less work

– Doing this for SQL administrators gives you an additional advantage.  Imagine that you have a test environment at your site.  This test environment is a virtualized “copy” of your production environment.  The programmers team is doing different things there and testing new features and so on.  They need a refresh of the database very often.  Now the SQL team can do this instead of the backup administrator.  How cool is that.  You as a backup administrator have less work, the programmers team will be helped more quickly, it’s a win win situation :-)


Now I am wondering if Microsoft would pull this further? What if we could delegate end-user recovery tasks for exchange, sharepoint and so on…

For the moment this is not possible, or at least I don’t have no documentation about this yet, but when I see the power of the SQL end-user recovery, I’m quite sure that this will be a much requested feature for the future