Influencer Live Meeting: Managing the New Mail Infrastructure

December 2, 2009 at 7:14 pm in Uncategorized by mikeresseler

Hey All,

Just finished with an interesting live meeting from Microsoft.  This live meeting was about managing the Exchange 2010 infrastructure with System Center.

It was a very cool meeting, getting into some details about the new management pack for exchange 2010 and operations manager but also (and for me the most interesting part) about using Data Protection Manager 2010 with Exchange 2010.

Jason Buffington ( was in the meeting and showed some very nice features for the future.

In the next few posts I will give some information that was said in the presentation.

In this one, I will start with an overview of the capabilities of DPM 2010 with Exchange 2010.

First screenshot you see is the basic drawing for DPM


Probably nothing new here, but the next screenshot is more interesting for the exchange 2010 fans



As you can see in this screenshot, DPM 2010 will have the possibility of backing up (or protecting) the different Exchange scenario’s. 

What’s very interesting about DPM 2010 is that you will be able to have offsite backups of your Exchange environment if you are using the DAG (Database Availability Groups) scenario where one server is located… off-site.

What’s also cool is that you can use DPM 2010 to offload the eseutil tool from your exchange server and put the load on the DPM server as you can see in the next screenshot


More information, including screenshots from the demo will come in the next posts but one thing is already for certain… Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan for your exchange environment will become more easier then ever before.