SCDPM: How to change the System State Backup Location

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Hey All,

If you ever want to change the location where DPM places the backup of a System State, here it is.  Why would you want to do that?  One of the most heard reasons is because you want the backup on another drive for space reasons.  Anyway, here’s how to:

To achieve this, you need to change the PSDataSourceConfig.xml on the protected server.  This can be found on %program files%\dpm\datasources

Change the value between <FilesToProtect></FilesToProtect> to the correct value and save it (By default, this will be %systemdrive%\WindowsImageBackup\*)

After that, do the following things on the DPM server:

1) Run a consistency check (This will fail big time :-))

2) Modify the protected group by running through the wizard (next next till you drop and finish)

3) Run the consistency check again, and it should be solved

That’s it


With thanks to Steven for the information