SCOM KB: You get a CyclicDependencyException when querying Management Pack information using the Powershell or SDK interfaces

May 2, 2016 at 8:38 am in Uncategorized by Jan Van Meirvenne


When you attempt to use the get-scommanagementpack cmdlet to retrieve SCOM management pack info (or SDK equivalent), you get the following error:

Exception of type ‘Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Common.CyclicDependencyException’ was thrown.



This error means that there at least 2 management packs in the SCOM management group that depend on each other (Cyclic Dependency). This situation is not supported (but does not break functionality of the management packs themselves), and should be rectified if possible.


You can use the following SQL query on the SCOM operational database to identify cyclic MP pairs:

SELECT mpas.MPName +
‘ <-> ‘
+ mpbs.MPName as Cycle

FROM [OperationsManager].[dbo].[ManagementPackReferences] a

join [ManagementPackReferences] b on a.ManagementPackIdReffedBy= b.ManagementPackIdSource

and a.ManagementPackIdSource = b.ManagementPackIdReffedBy inner
join ManagementPack mpas on a.ManagementPackIdSource = mpas.ManagementPackId inner
join ManagementPack mpar on a.ManagementPackIdSource = mpar.ManagementPackId inner
join ManagementPack mpbs on b.ManagementPackIdSource = mpbs.ManagementPackId


This will show the cycle MP’s:

You can then use this information to either contact the MP manufacturer for a bug submission, or remove the cyclic reference from your code if you have built the MP’s.

After removing the cycle, the exception should not occur again.