SCUG Pre Summer Night: 15/06/2017: Agenda

June 5, 2017 at 8:27 pm in events by Dieter Wijckmans

A time for a well earned vacation with family and friends. But… Not before we had one last evening before we go and relax!tumblr_n3pr6hgxll1sbafcao1_500-9736_thumb

This evening will again give you the opportunity to mingle with peers, learn something and meet your local community leaders to ask the questions right at the experts.

The formula is still straight and simple: we deliver  one session in the field of CDM and one in ECM with a lot of room to network.

The agenda for this evening:

18:00u – 18:30u


Registration and drinks

18:30u – 19:30u

Kurt Van Hoecke

Jan Van Meirvenne

Continous management

19:30u – 20:30u


Food + refreshments

20:30u – 21:30u

Kim Oppalfens

Collection evaluation revisited

21:30u – ….


Beers at a local pub

We are also starting a new concept! Listening to your feedback we are regularly going to change locations for the event to give everyone the opportunity for (at least once) get there without facing heavy traffic.

This edition: cheops is so kind to host the event at their offices and sponsor catering:


Continuous Management (Kurt van Hoecke + Jan van Meirvenne)

The IT landscape is in a process of transformation. Cloud-based computing has entered the mainstream market and is changing the way we build and deliver services. With that transformation comes new capabilities and requirements. This includes the need for a management platform that can provide insights into new types of services that can change at an incredible rate.

Collection evaluation revisited (Kim Oppalfens)

All management activities in ConfigMgr target collections and thus collections are arguably the most important object to know about and get right. The split up of device and user collections in ConfigMgr 2012 was just a side-effect of much deeper changes under-the hood. In this session our goal is to dive under that hood and see what truly happens when you modify or update collections including incremental collections, collection query rules, collection evaluation, and limiting collections to name just a few.
What you will learn:

  • · Don’t use a CAS
  • · Collection evaluation in depth
  • · Incremental collection evaluation limits
  • · Proper limiting collection usage
  • · How to kill your DB – or better yet, how not to kill your DB with collection evaluation
  • · How to monitor collection evaluation and what to do when it goes wrong

This session will provide a timeline, past -present -future, on how the Microsoft management platform is evolving to cope with these trends.

So please register your seat ASAP as seats are limited and come and enjoy a night before going on that long overdue vacation.