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SCOM: System Center Data Access Service stops (event 26380 , 33333)

12:00 am in operations manager, SCOM, SCOM 2012, sysctr by Dieter Wijckmans


When I started to review a SCOM 2012 R2 environment recently I came across an interesting issue I didn’t witness before… Time to blog the solution!


The System Center Data Access Service started successfully but stopped within the minute. After investigating I found out that there were at least 2 events logged during the time when the service crashes that could give us a clue on what is going on.

Event 26380: The System Center Data Access Service failed due to an unhandled exception… Cannot be added to the container…


Event 33333: Data access layer rejected: An entity of type service cannot be owned by a role, a group, or by principals mapped to certificates or asymmetric keys.


Strange… This worked the day before. What was going on?

After my search on the web I found this article of Travis Wright who had a similar problem with SCSM (which share the same code base so a nice entry point to start my troubleshoot).

By now I could pinpoint that there was an issue on the SQL side.

After heading over to the SQL admin with the article we continued our troubleshoot together. Turned out that the issue was not exact what Travis had experienced. In fact the SQL admin had made a review of the SA accounts and removed the SA role from the scom SDK user. No problem so far… But the SDK user was not defined in SQL as a SQL user but just as a member of a group.


Turned out that the SQL user had no rights to create an instance when executing  the stored procedure: [p_TypeSpaceSetupBrokerService]


SET @Query = N’CREATE SERVICE [‘ + @ServiceName + N’] ON QUEUE [‘ + @QueueName + N’] ([]);';

This was changed by the followin stored procedure to authorize the DBO to execute and after that the issue was resolved.

SET @Query = N’CREATE SERVICE [‘ + @ServiceName + N’] AUTHORIZATION [dbo] ON QUEUE [‘ + @QueueName + N’] ([]);';

Hopefully when you have stumbled on this page it has saved you some extra troubleshooting…

System Center Community update (Sysctr night and SCU2014)

10:41 pm in Uncategorized by Dieter Wijckmans

The new year 2014 is not even a couple of weeks old and the first Sysctr events are already announced or planned. Don’t you just love it when the community is buzzing again with new and exciting events just around the corner.

System Center Night (22/01/2014 Brussels)


My first appointment will be the System Center Night organized by us, System Center User Group Belgium. For the first time in a long while (heck I can’t even remember that we did this) we are organizing a 2 track evening with 2 sessions on CDM and 2 sessions on ECM.

There are still a couple of seats left but they are limited so If you’re not signed up yet make sure to do so. More info on the SCUGbe events page:

System Center Universe 2014 (30/01/2014 Houston TX)

Second appointment of this year is a week later… And one I’m really looking forward to. As a huge fan of the first hour I’m thrilled to be able to speak at the SystemCenterUniverse (SCU) event in Houston on the 30th of January.


For this I had the battle me into the SCU_JEDI position to get the slot. Those who have voted for me… Thank you I won’t let you down!

The cool thing about this event is not only the out of this world list of speakers and agenda (check it out here) but the fact that it has been broadcasted over the globe in HD from the very beginning. This is giving everyone the opportunity to tune in for free and witness the event live from their own living room, business or even with their own local User Group. That’s right, user groups around the world are organizing Simulcast parties around the globe. If you want to join them check out whether there’s one near your location and jump in:

But another cool thing is the fact that you can really interact with the event… Right from the start Rod Trent has provided great coverage of the event on social media during and after the event. You can really engage with the event in Houston and ask questions to the panel. This is in my believe a huge plus for all the people who are viewing from abroad and is an extra channel how you can experience the event and get all the inside info…

Twitter_icon-140q8bhFollow @rodtrent or check the official hashtag #scu2014 for more info on the event.


My session will be about monitoring your cloud with System Center Operations Manager:

What is that strange Interstellar cloud floating through space holding all your servers, services, data, etc.? Make this not a huge unknown in your universe but send out your probes to get the data back to your mother ship and start monitoring it. Use the force of this massive cloud to even monitor your servers at the mother ship. The possibilities are out there… Just grab them, combine the forces and become a true master of your universe.

It’s scheduled at 2:35pm – 3:20pm Texas time (approx 10PM Brussels time) so tune in to the simulcast if you want to check out my session.

The closest Simulcast party for Belgium and Netherlands is held by ScugNL in Hilversum. More info here:

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So I hope to see you all live or virtually at System Center Universe 2014.

Twitter_icon-140q8bhIf you want to get in touch: connect and drop me a line on Twitter: @DieterWijckmans

May the force be with you… Always