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System Center Team Blog Relaunch

1:54 pm in sysctr by Dieter Wijckmans


I came across a post of Travis Wright who announced the “rebrand” of the System Center Team blog.

The blog will be more technical because it is now maintained and updated by the engineering team instead of the marketing team.

New items will include more technical content and cross System Center product collaboration options.


As Travis points out all System Center announcements from the engineering team will be posted on this blog so you definitely will want to subscribe to the RSS feed attached to it and check frequently.

So start updating your bookmarks to the new and improved System Center Team blog for your one stop for all new System Center announcements.

Link to the original post of Travis Wright:

Link to the RSS feed:

At the bottom of the post is also a handy list of all the different specific team blogs so make sure to check them out as well!

LiveMeeting 22/11/2012: System Center Products better together…

1:12 pm in LiveMeeting, operations manager, SCOM, SCOM 2007, SCOM 2012, sysctr by Dieter Wijckmans


On the 22th of November I’m hosting a LiveMeeting on how to integrate the different System Center products.


We’ll go over the different steps to integrate the different System Center products to get past the standard “just monitor it” scenario with SCOM but truly integrate the different products together.

All the products will be positioned within the System Center stack and integrations will be showcased.

If you are looking for a session to convince your boss to install more system center products or just want to convince yourself of the force of system center products brought together…

Look no further this is your session.

Register here:

Scom 2012 Visio Stencils

7:37 am in operations manager, SCOM, SCOM 2012, sysctr by Dieter Wijckmans


Larry Rayl a senior consultant at Catapult Systems has created and posted a nice set of SCOM 2012 Visio Stencils creating the possibility to even further customize your SCOM 2012 Visio designs.

There are some really specific Visio stencils in there which were not available out of the box in Visio or in the old Scom 2007 visio stencils.

A pretty cool addition to your standard toolkit if you ask me!


Check the original blog post here:

Download them from SystemCenterCentral here:

SCOM: Cannot locate resource ‘momr2db.xaml’

9:58 pm in operations manager, SCOM, SCOM 2007, SCOM 2012 by Dieter Wijckmans


This afternoon my colleague Alex Smits asked for pointers on a strange problem he faced when he wanted to install a SCOM 2012 reporting server on a previous SCOM 2007 reporting server for a side by side migration.

As soon as he clicked the install button on the Scom 2012 install screen the following error message appeared and the install was aborted:


There was no log written to the machine because in fact the install just did not kick off yet . There were also no indications in the event viewer so we were completely troubleshooting blind on this one.

After some time Alex managed to get the reporting server installed on the machine after taking a backup of the old reporting dbase and then completely removing the SCOM 2007 reporting server dbase components of this server.

After this the install passed the error message and installed perfectly.

I hope we save you some valuable troubleshooting time by finding this out…

SCOM: Event id 21406: file name or class not found

12:48 pm in Uncategorized by Dieter Wijckmans


Yesterday I had an issue at one of my clients with a server which was unable to check the task scheduler eventlog.

The operations log was packed with different alerts but mostly with the infamous id 21406 which in fact can mean a lot of things.

The exact message: VBScript runtime error: File name or class name not found during Automation operation: "oAPI.CreateTypePropertyBag”

My standard course of action did not solve the issue:

  • Clear the cache and restart the agent
  • Check the management pack and see whether it gets delivered to the agent
  • Remove the agent software and reinstall.

Again these steps did not solve the issue the Events kept coming in.


Eventually I started to dig deeper and started to register the differtent dll’s again on the machine and apparently registering the MOMScriptAPI.dll solved the issue.

Probably a bad registration / link during install or upgrade caused the issue.


Hope this helps someone out there in saving his valuable troubleshooting time :)