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SCVMM PRO integration: InvalidRelationshipSourceExceptionOM10

10:36 pm in SCOM 2012, SCVMM, sysctr by Dieter Wijckmans


During my Masterclass last monday I showcased the different integration possibilities between the different system center products. One of the integrations I showcased was the integrations between SCVMM 2012 to SCOM2012.

I followed all the different steps to get things up and running but when I wanted to test the actual PRO integration service I found I had an issue.

The connection details showed an error:

“Operations Manager discovery failed with error: “Exception of type ‘Microsoft.VirtualManager.EnterpriseManagement.common.discoverydatainvalidrelationshipsourceexceptionOM10’ was thrown.



Talking about a strange error message. I checked my SCVMM jobs but nothing was out of order.

Reboot of the machine also did not solve the issue. Well here is actually how I solved the issue by following a rather strange trick.


Deselect both “Enable PRO” and “Enable Maintenance mode integration” and click refresh.


Now the connection is OK to my Opsmgr environment.

Well let’s continue with testing my PRO by enabling it and refreshing.


Error 25922 “PRO Diagnostics Target cannot be found” was thrown. A refresh of the connection once more and this was solved.


Error 25923 “PRO Diagnostics Target is not monitored” was thrown. Apparently there was still no SCOM 2012 agent on the SCVMM server due to the fact that it was not yet switched over to the new SCOM2012 environment. So pushed the agent.


After the SCOM agent was pushed another try was successful to initiate a test PRO towards scom and the message appeared in the console:


A good resource to troubleshoot the error messages can be found here:

SCOM: Monitoring Server 2012

9:54 am in Uncategorized by Dieter Wijckmans


With the recent release of the new Microsoft Windows Server 2012 many questions were raised on how to monitor the environment with your current System Center Operations Manager environment.

Well yesterday the official SCOM blog released a lot of answers to these questions in the community. Some were rather surprising others not really.

In chronological order:

System Center operations Manager 2007 R2: does not support monitoring Server 2012. There’s absolutely no way to monitor this environment with your current SCOM 2007R2 environment. The only temporary solution is to use a SCOM 2012 agent and multihome it to your SCOM 2007 environment. This however is just to get you going on the upgrade process but not really a long term solution


System Center operations manager 2012: Is supporting the monitoring of Server 2012 except from APM applications which run on IIS8.

HOWEVER: It’s not supported to install SCOM2012 components on a Server 2012 other than the agent. Also the console will not work on Win8.

System Center Operations Manager 2012 SP1: Will support all the different components, monitoring and agents.

Management packs:

Management packs for monitoring Windows Server 2012 roles which are typically made available 60 to 90 post RTM of the Windows Server Role will start to be made available from mid-September and we expect most roles to have shipped their English language MPs by the end of September. Localized MPs will start to be delivered from October for most roles. (Localized MPs will be delivered in the 8 Languages that is supported by OM2012 to begin with.)


There are no plans to ship a Management Pack for monitoring Windows 8 client machines.


So another reason to start your upgrade process to the SCOM 2012 SP1 platform if you want to monitor your brand new Server 2012 environment!



Special thanks to Oskar Landman for the tip.