Speaking at WMUG.nl Automation Event

November 13, 2013 at 3:41 pm in Event by Christopher Keyaert

Hi All,

Last week, I’ve been invited by the WMUG.nl (http://wmug.nl/) team to speak at one of their user group evening.
I did a session about Orchestrator and the brand new SMA application which is part of Windows Azure Pack. In this session, I demonstrated some capabilities of Orchestrator and SMA, but also a part about Orchestrator versus SMA.

The slide deck of my presentation is availablehere :

The Orchestrator runbooks that I demonstrated are part of the SC2012 Solutions available on codeplex:

The SMA Runbooks that I showed are available on the TechNet Library:

I also uploaded my backup demo videos (No Audio on these videos) on SkyDrive:

Thank you