SCCM Client Center Integration Pack for Orchestrator 2012 is now available

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Hi All,

I’m currently working on a migration project from Opalis 6.3 to Orchestrator 2012. When you are working on that type of migration, the first step that you have to do, it’s to ensure that you have all the same Integration packs on both environments. Otherwise, you have to find equivalent integration packs, in all your runbooks, you have to replace the old activities by the ones from the new integration packs. That could really takes a lot of time and makes your migration really painful.

Here my customer built a lot of SCCM2007 Workflows with the SCCM Client Center Integration Pack for Opalis available on CodePlex. Now, when I tried to import directly this IP in Orchestrator 2012, I received the following error message : OIP version not compatible with System Center 2012 Orchestrator.


Microsoft published an article on MSDN that explains how to convert an Opalis Integration Pack created with the Opalis QIK to an Orchestrator 2012 Integration Pack : 
Some helpful information are also available on CodePlex :

After these readings, You could see that for this conversion process, you’ll need to have the IP assembly (DLL files, …), which is often not the case when you are not the author of the Integration Pack.

I contacted Roger Zander, the author of the SCCM Client Center IP for Opalis, who followed the following guide to convert his Opalis assembly to Orchestrator assembly.

Once he sent me the updated assembly, I’ve been able to fully follow the Microsoft guide and to convert the SCCM Client Center IP for Opalis to an all new integration pack : SCCM Client Center IP for Orchestrator 2012.



This new SCCM Client Center Integration Pack for Orchestrator 2012 is available on CodePlex for free :

Feel free to download it, test it and come back to us if you have any question.

I really would like to thank Roger for his support on this !!!
Don’t forget that Roger is the author of this Integration Pack, I just converted it for Orchestrator 2012.